2005 Atlantis Rising Magazine on CD

2005 Atlantis Rising Magazine on CD

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Product Description

"Includes 6 Issues from 2005: #49 through #54

Computer users can now collect CDs with Atlantis Rising Magazine in PDF form. All you need to view and print the magazine from your new CDs (just the way it appears in print) is your Adobe Acrobat Reader available FREE from Adobe.com.

Atlantis Rising PDFs have been OPTIMIZED in many ways. Interactive features now make it possible to navigate quickly and easily from point to point both within and without the magazine.

(High Resolution cover art from Issue #6 by Tom Miller)

  • Clicking on BOOKMARKS takes you directly to articles or sections you are interested in (to see the BOOKMARKS, while viewing your PDF, click the folder tab at the left of the screen).
  • Clicking on any listing in the magazine’s TABLE OF CONTENTS takes you directly to the article.
  • Some ADS have links bounded by a RED RECTANGLE which will take you directly to the associated web site on the internet (this works even if
    you are viewing the magazine off-line).
  • Stories posted in the INEWS section are also linked directly to their internet source (some of these links may no longer be current).
  • Clicking on the highlighted CATALOG reminder at the bottom of any page will take you to the catalog.
  • Clicking on the bar at the bottom of the catalog page will take you to our INTERACTIVE ORDER FORM.