2014 Atlantis Rising Magazine on CD

2014 Atlantis Rising Magazine on CD

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Issue 103 - Jan/Feb 2014 -- Genetic Manipulation
The Higgs Boson Is 'Fake' Declares German Physicist

Jeane Manning: Can the 'New Fire' (aka Cold Fusion) Ignite the Young?

Michael Cremo: Ancient Australians and Cosmic Impacts

Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D.: Deep Time in Deep Trouble<
Have the Timekeepers Fixed the Game?

Steven Sora: Kennewick Man
The Japanese Connection

Rita Louise, Ph.D.: Enigma of the Long Skulls
Why have societies from all over the world embraced this strange practice?

Christopher Dunn: The Engineers of Puma Punku
Hard Evidence of Advanced Tools for the Ancient Builders

Ralph Ellis: Garden of Eden in Egypt?
The Startling Evidence for a Very Unorthodox Argument

Frank Joseph: MYSTERY of the Land Punt
Could This Forgotten Island Have Been Long-Lost Atlantis?

Robert Schoch, Ph.D.: Secrets of the Dogon

Patrick Marsolek: Genetic Manipulation
Understanding the Dangerous New Playing Field for Big Science, Big Business, and Ambitious Little Guys

William B. Stoecker: Ice Age Mariners
Evidence for Ancient Mastery of the Seas Goes to the Last Great Melting and Beyond

Issue 104 - Mar/Apr 2014 -- Global Drying
Jeane Manning: How Ken Shoulders Cleared the Way for Our Future

Michael Cremo: Evidence of Very Ancient Vedic Culture

William B. Stoecker: The Beasts of Beringia
How Could Earth's Many Species Get to Where We Find Them?

Rita Louise, Ph.D.: Strange Roots
The Unexplained Origins of Agriculture

Steven Sora: The Man Who Could Not Be King
Exploring the Many Secrets of Francis Bacon

John Chambers: Pythagoras and the Beanstalks
Why Would the Ancient Sage Have Objected to Eating Beans?

Patrick Marsolek: The Homeopathic Solution
Is There a Reliable Alternative to Standard Materialistic Medicine?

Robert Schoch, Ph.D.: Journey to Gunung Padang
The Case for Lost Ice Age Civilization in Inonesia

Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D.: Global Drying Doesn't Drying Mean Cooling?
Maybe It's Not Warming that Should Most Alarm Us

Frank Joseph: Florida's Mysterious Mayan Outpost
Is There More to Crystal River's Strange Ruins Than Academics Will Admit?

Issue 105 - May/June 2014 -- Lost Tribes

Michael Cremo: The Holloman Gravel Pit Finds

Frank Joseph: Atlantis in the Azores
Could a Newly Discovered Underwater Pyramid Resurrect an Old Hypothesis?

Steven Sora: Templar Treasure and the Forbidden Island
Could the Lost Trail Lead to Hawaii?

Brenden D. Murphy: Thoughts Through Space
A Pioneering Long Distance Telepathy Experiment Still Baffles Orthodox Science

Robert Schoch, Ph.D.: The Gnostic Mysteries of Abraxas
Uncovering the Forgotten Secrets of an Enigmatic Ancient Society

Life on Earth Is Not Explained by Genetics Alone

CYNTHIA LOGAN: Challenging the Death Illusion
A Game Changing Conversation with Biologist Robert Lanza

A Leading Psychiatrist on Why Some Minds Never Open

Patrick Marsolek: Lost Tribes
The Enduring Search for the Missing Heirs of the Biblical Jacob Has Yielded Some Startling Evidence

Issue 106 - July/August 2014 -- Crime in the Great Pyramid

Michael Cremo: The Happisburgh Footprints

Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman: Archetypes of Aliens
How Ancient Information Spread and Was Passed Down to Us

William B. Stoecker: Ancient Wanderers
How Science Has Lost Track of the Story

Steven Sora: Chinese Romans?
Some Old Soldiers Can Never Go Home

Martin Ruggles: Maps From Before History
It Took 'Impossible' knowledge to Create Mysterious Medieval Maps

Stephen Robbins, Ph.D.: Scent of a Dinosaur
Following the Trail of a Major Scientific Embarrassment

Michael Tymn: Near-Death Experiences Before Moody
Vivid Recollections of Life After Death Are Not a New Thing

Robert Schoch, Ph.D.: The Roots of Kahunaism
Is this the Legacy of Ancient Egyptian Magic?

Scott Creighton: Crime in the Great Pyramid

Frank Joseph: Rewriting the History Books
A Rapid Succession of New Technologies Is Now Seriously Testing Much Conventional Wisdom

Patrick Marsolek: The Multiverse Consideration
Where Science and Science Fiction Get Together

Issue 107 - Sept/Oct 2014 -- Ancient Nukes on Mars
Jeane Manning: Can Compassionate Transmutation Transform A Paradigm?

Michael Cremo: The Mystery of Ancient Lenses and Glass

Scott Creighton: More Evidence Uncovered In Howard-Vyse Pyramid Fraud
Vyse Assistant J.R. Hill Now Implicated in the Deception

Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D.: The Pan Perspective
There's Another Way to View the Human Origins Question

William B. Stoecker: The Mysterious Meaning of Myths
Could They Be Telling Us More than We Realized?

John Chambers: Upton Sinclair & Mental Radio
The Crusading Reformer Who Made the Case for a Non-Material Reality

Cynthia Logan: Dr. Eben Alexander Speaks of Lessons Learned While 'Dead'

Robert Schoch, Ph.D.: The Tankering & the Petroglyphs
Exploring Legacies in Norway

Jeff Nisbet: Scotland's Curious Carved Stone Balls
Who made them, and why?

Martin Ruggles: Ancient Nukes on Mars
New Light on the Red Planet's Dark Past

Steven Sora: Moons Over Mars
Quirks of Nature or Artificial? New Takes on an Enduring Mystery

Patrick Marsolek: Quantum Teleportation
Could Instant Travel Be Coming Our Way?

Issue 108 - Nov/Dec 2014 -- Giant Predecessors
Jerry Decker: Strange Thruster Defies Known Laws Of Physics

Michael Cremo: Calico, California and the Early Man Dispute

Frank Joseph: Civilization from Before the Deluge?
Could the World's Oldest Towers Threaten Our Cherished Historical Paradigm?

Robert Schoch, Ph.D.: On the Trail of Orphic Mysteries in Bulgaria
The Secrets May Be Forgotten but Intriguing Clues Remain

William B. Stoecker: The Reality of High Strangeness
Just How Unexplainable Can This World Be?

Rita Louise, Ph.D: The Trouble with Timelines
Questioning the Approved Schedules of Human Development

John Chambers: Simone Weil The Last Cathar
Suffering for One's Conscience Is Not a New Phenomenon

Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D.: Domes of the Prophets
The Oracular Beginnings of Sacred Architecture?

Steven Sora: William Tell And The Templar Nation
What Was the Real Origin of the Swiss Banking Empire?

Gregory Little, Ed.D.: Giant Predecessors in America
New Evidence of a Giant Sized Coverup

Freddy Silva: The Lost Art of Resurrection
Getting At What The Ancients Really Meant

Patrick Marsolek: Mystery of the Placebo Effect
Does Science Have Any Idea Where Healing Comes From?

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