ALIEN INTERVENTION: Abduction and Hybrid Humanoids

ALIEN INTERVENTION: Abduction and Hybrid Humanoids

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From the creators of FASTWALKERS THEY ARE HERE and OPEN FILES, Timestream Pictures brings you this never before seen interview with Travis Walton as he tells his story in his own words.

The Travis Walton abduction is one of the most controversial cases in Ufology, yet one of the most compelling.

The second interview is with Donald M. Ware, Lt Col USAF (Ret.). He served MUFON for ten years: Florida State Director and Eastern Regional Director -- then 18 years as a Director of the International UFO Congress. His search for truth has led to physical, mental, and spiritual interactions with the larger reality represented by an alien presence. He discussed Underground bases, Alien-Human Hybrids, the Atlantis Connection, Bigfoot encounters, and the levels of consciousness to contact alien spirits.

DVD - 132 Min.