ATLANTIS BENEATH THE ICE: The Fate of the Lost Continent

ATLANTIS BENEATH THE ICE: The Fate of the Lost Continent

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Rand and Rose Flem-Ath (Afterword by John Anthony West) In this completely revised and expanded edition of When the Sky Fell, the authors show that 12,000 years ago vast areas of Antarctica were free from ice and home to the kingdom of Atlantis, a proposition that also elegantly solves the mysteries of ice ages and mass extinctions, the simultaneous worldwide rise of agriculture, and the source of devastating prehistoric climate change. Expanding upon Charles Hapgood’s theory of earth crust displacement, which was championed by Albert Einstein, they examine ancient yet highly accurate world maps, including the Piri Reis map of 1513, and show how the earth’s crust shifted in 9600 BCE, dragging Atlantis into the polar zone where it now lies beneath miles of Antarctic ice. With new scientific, genetic, and linguistic evidence in support of Antarctica as the location of long-lost Atlantis, this updated edition convincingly shows that Atlantis was not swallowed by the sea but was entombed beneath miles of polar ice. 6X9 P/B, 245 pp., B&W Illus.