ELECTRIC ANCIENT EGYPT: Penetrating the Atom with Electrified Sperm

ELECTRIC ANCIENT EGYPT: Penetrating the Atom with Electrified Sperm

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James Ernest Brown Brown hypothesizes that ancient Egyptian pharaohs understood natural forms of energy such as static electricity and electrical currents. He believes, as part of their royal duties, that the Egyptians were using electrified sperm as an igniting catalyst to penetrate and manipulate atomic structure. Brown has concluded that what have been misinterpreted as ceremonies were in fact visual instructions for stimulating electrical and energetic pathways throughout the body and brain of the living pharaoh. His books and writings include the following research and evidence-based hypotheses: The Great Pyramid of Giza was a type of closed-cycle chemical laser designed to electrify water; Ancient Egyptians had the ability to manipulate atomic structure by using natural forms of electrical energy, gravity, and magnetic forcefields;The Sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid was a vessel for volatile chemical reactions; The Step Pyramid of Saqqara was a saltwater, gas generator that was powered by telluric currents; the Egyptian temple pillars inject piezoelectric effects into the Nile River and sacred lakes adjoining temples; Amphorae containers served as stabilized containers for electrically charged water--Earth Milk; So-called “underground residences of pharaohs,” that were built along the banks of the Nile, fit the profile of earth batteries that were powered by telluric currents. 8X10 P/B, 164 pp.