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A Modern View on Ancient Knowledge

Willem Witteveen; Foreword by David Hatcher Childress

After extensive research Witteveen connects data from his own findings with that of other researchers, resulting in groundbreaking conclusions about the true function of the Great Pyramid and its place in history. The Greek mathematician Pythagoras stated: "All is number." The American prophet Edgar Cayce claimed: "Sound is the medicine of the future." The late Egyptian wisdomkeeper Abd 'el Hakim Awyan always said: "It is all about sound." Witteveen proves that all these men were right and that what we now regard as groundbreaking and new often originated in ancient Egypt, well before the first Egyptian dynasties.

This book is divided into five main parts, four of which relate to the four earthly elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The fifth part relates to the element or quintessence called ether. Within this circle all processes on Earth and beyond take place, and the element ether represents the divine world and is the carrier of all information. Topics discussed are sound and resonance, antennas, the Schumann frequency, and the special abilities of quartz, hydrogen, and wavelengths.

8X11 H/B, 384 pp., Illus.