Issue 91 - Star Tracks From Ancient Egypt

Issue 91 - Star Tracks From Ancient Egypt

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2012 On the Threshold
From Editor, J. Douglas Kenyon

By the time you read this it will be 2012 or close to it. So, like it or not, the big event is upon us already. Whatever you may believe about Mayan prophecy or the so-called galactic alignment, this will certainly be a significant year. Not only do we reach, on next winter solstice (December 21, 2012), the concluding point of the celebrated long count of the Meso-American calendar, we must first deal with other coming attractions.

The heavenly influences will certainly be active. On May 20 will come an annular eclipse with a path through the Pacific Ocean-the first of two solar eclipses in 2012. On June 6 Venus will transit the sun-the second, and last time, of the century (the next two are over a century away, in 2117 and 2125). On November 13, a total solar eclipse will be visible in northern Australia and the south Pacific. Factor in the state of the economy, the summer olympics, and the American presidential election, and it is clear that things could be, more than a little, turbulent. And don't forget, it is leap year.

Still, does that mean we should expect the apocalyptic climax foreseen by some (i.e., "2012" the movie)? It is worth considering previous attempts to predict doomsday. Most of us recall the blizzard of such warnings which came at the turn of the current century. Many of the scientific literati worried that computer calendars, running out of time, would have trouble resetting-the "Y2K" problem-which would set off a disastrous series of computer failures, potentially bringing about the collapse of civilization as we know it. More recently, California radio preacher Harold Camping told the world to expect the "Day of Judgment" on October 21, 2011. Earlier in the year Camping had set the date for May 21, but when that didn't work out, he moved the schedule back six months. At this writing we don't know if Camping has offered further updates.

End-time prophecy, eschatology, despite a notably unreliable record, remains a significant feature of most religions and, as such, provides fertile territory for doctrinal dispute among ecclesiastical authorities. We should point out, however, that despite regular attempts, going back for literally millennia, to pinpoint the date of the expected end of history, none has, so far, materialized.

The persistence of the phenomenon (doomsday prediction) seems itself to be symptomatic of a deep-seated, society-wide anxiety mechanism; and there are those who argue that such fear of cataclysmic destruction is itself the product of a materialist culture which has lost contact with its source and, thus, in the guilty fear of having offended its parent, now, tragically-albeit subconsciously-seeks its own destruction. From this perspective, so-called doomsday prophecies, such as in the Revelation of St. John, should be read less as prediction and more as symbolic psychological drama playing out in the life of every human. According to this line of thought, we must all ultimately meet and overcome "the great dragon" representing all our accumulated mistakes and misdeeds to clear the way for the coming of "the new heavean and new earth." The same great dragon is also identified in many traditions as "the dweller on the threshold," the inner adversary who blocks our path to spiritual freedom. When we fail to face the challenge, a toxic and overwhelming dread developes, and the secret desire for a great retribution or "judgment day" takes charge.

Of couse, the discounting of doomsday prophecy doesn't mean bad things may not happen. It is the schedule which is most problematic. You can predict rain every day, and sooner or later you will be right, but that doesn't make you a weather prophet.

The Curious Case of the Martian Parrot
While the so-called Face on Mars, gazing enigmatically upward from the Cydonia plain, has remained the most famous example of what some believe to be evidence for human-like civilization on the red planet, it is, by no means, the only one. Now, the possible sighting of an enormous Martian "geoglyph" closely resembling a parrot is getting some new scientific scrutiny. more...

Cold Fusion's Quiet Resurrection
The cold fusion news from Italy continues to be hot, though you wouldn't know it from the mainstream American media. The socalled E-Cat technology of inventor Andrea Rossi passed another major milestone on October 28, 2011. Though some complained that the test was flawed, it still demonstrated that the technology was valid. more...

End of the World Said Narrowly Escaped in 1883
Could the end of the world as we know it have happened in 1883? According to scientists at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, a comet eight times the size of Haley's came within 120 miles of Earth. If it had actually struck the planet, the destruction, it is estimated, could have been as great as the event said to have killed the dinosaurs millions of years ago. more...

200,000-Year-Old Factory Found
Modern mass production is considered one of the hallmarks of the industrial age -a sure sign of advanced society. Until recently, the basics of such technology were thought to be no older than about 40,000 years and to be the exclusive domain of modern humans. But, as in almost every area of human development, we now learn that we must push our concept of their beginnings back much, much further into the very distant past. Now archaeologists in Israel have discovered evidence of a sophisticated and thriving, tool-making, mass "production line" 200,000 to 400,000 years ago. more...

Bigfoot Trail Gets Warm in Siberia?
New sightings of the Yeti (a.k.a. Abominable Snowman, also Bigfoot) have been reported in Russia. In fact, an international team including American and Russian researchers reported in October that they had found unusual footprints in the snow and were hot on the trail of a large, hairy creature fitting the usual description of the Yeti. The search was reportedly being led by the International Center of Hominology in Tashtagol. more...

Just Another Residential Development?
The arguments over Göbekli Tepe rage on. The latest round is over whether the spot served as a temple (the original Garden of Eden, it has been speculated) or was simply, some kind of urban housing development. The ancient site near Urfa in Turkey has already caused more than its share of heartburn in academic circles, thoroughly upsetting the establishment apple cart. more...

Hitler Escaped the Allies, Says New Research
Adolf Hitler did not die in Berlin at the end of World War II. Instead his death came 17 years later in Argentina. That is the startling contention of a new book by Simon Dunstan, well known author of more than 50 books on military history, particularly concerning World War II and Vietnam, and co-author, British journalist Gerrard Williams. more...

Air Force Shoots Down Ufo Protocol
According to an October story in the Huffington Post (, the 2011 U.S. Air Force personnel manual has removed a section which previously instructed Air Force personnel on how to proceed upon encountering UFOs. The Huffington Post says it had been granted an interview to discuss the longstanding UFO directive, but before the meeting could take place, the new edition of the manual appeared minus the problematic protocol. more...

Government Facial Recognition Tech Expands Reach
The FBI's facial recognition service could soon be coming to a police station near you. It's all part of a multiyear, $1 billion dollar overhaul of the FBI's existing fingerprint database to more quickly and accurately identify suspects using so-called, biometric markers, such as iris scans and voice recordings. more...

Tracking the News of the Coming Energy Revolution
Possible New Energy Breakthrough Emerges in Italy
By Jeane Manning
Will history record October 28, 2011, as the day the energy revolution went public? A technology demonstration on that day was announced months in advance. However, none of the major television news networks showed up in Bologna, Italy, while Andrea Rossi's invention E-Cat (Energy Catalyst) put out a half-megawatt worth of heat for five hours in "self-sustaining" mode (unplugged from external power sources during that time.) more...

Prehistoric Michigan Copper
By Michael Cremo
In September 2011 I gave the keynote address at the Seventh International Conference on Ancient America in Marquette, Michigan, organized by the Ancient Artifact Preservation Society and Ancient America magazine. more...

Cataclysm: Ancient and Not
Fresh Evidence Shows the Dinosaurs Were Not the Last to Face Disaster from the Sky
By Frank Joseph
The official "discovery" of America in 1492 was preceded just one year earlier by another calamitous event that took place on the other side of the world. Unlike the historic voyage undertaken by Christopher Columbus, however, a momentous occurrence in the South Pacific would go unrecognized for more than five centuries. more...

The Newport Tower Mystery
Is It a Work of Advanced Ancient Engineering?
By Steven Sora
The Mystery: Standing guard in Newport, Rhode Island, is a strange construction that is possibly the most controversial structure in America. It is a 28-foot-high, stone and mortar tower with a twenty-four-foot, outside diameter. It contains more than 5000 cubic feet of stone, sand, and lime. With each cubic foot of such material weighing 200-some pounds, it amounts to a million pounds being assembled - quite a project for early colonists. It has been called a windmill or stone mill, a twelfth century Viking monument, a fourteenth century Templar baptistry, a fifteenth century Chinese-built lighthouse, a sixteenth century Portuguese construction and, recently, a Renaissance horologium. It has eight columns, two stories, a "fireplace" and a handful of oddly placed windows. It once had a roof, possibly conical, but this may have been blown off during the evacuation of the British during the American Revolution. more...

Whence Went Thomas Aquinas?
Did the Medieval Theologian Travel Out of His Body?
By John Chambers
0nly the sacristan heard the words-the sacristan and the tall, stout, balding, red-faced priest kneeling before the crucifix from which these words were issuing: "You have written well of me, Thomas. What do you desire as a reward for your labors?" The kneeling priest was Thomas Aquinas, the greatest Christian theologian of the Middle Ages. The date was December 6, 1273. Now Thomas murmured in reply: "Lord, only yourself." more...

Meeting the Karmic Challenge
Have We Forgotten What the Ancients Once Knew?
By Patrick Marsolek
Do you have good karma? If you live a happy life, with wealth, health, abundance, then maybe you do. In the West we've taken the concept of karma and simplified it to be a kind of fate-that which we have ended up with. If you've been cursed with ill health, disease, and misfortune, then using simplified Western standards, perhaps you have bad karma. more...

The Strange Truth About Lighting
Just Because We Can See It Happening, Doesn't Mean We Can Explain It...
By William B. Stoecker
Modern physics rests uneasily on the twin pillars of relativity theory and quantum mechanics, and repeated attempts to combine the two into a GUT, or Grand Unified Theory-reconciling relativistic gravity and quantum gravity-have not been notably successful. The most popular current notion has been string theory, now modified into membrane theory, but there seems to be no way to test the hypothesis, either to prove or disprove it. more...

Mary Magdalene and the House of Orange
European History Would Not Be the Same Without Her
By Ralph Ellis
Mary Magdalene founded the royal Dutch house of Orange? Is this an all-fool's-day joke? Actually, no. And one of the primary reasons for thinking that this may be so is that the House of Orange is not Dutch, nor was it French. In fact, the House of Orange was originally from Septimania-the small province in the south of France in which the fabled City of Orange is situated, the province where Mary Magdalene is supposed to have been exiled in the first century AD. more...

Technology and the Hieroglyphs
Do Ancient Egyptian Symbols Mean More than We Realized?
By Dr. Arlan Andrews, SR. PE
Like something from a graffiti artist's tagging dream, Egyptian hieroglyphics, paintings, and bas-relief pictorial carvings cover almost every square inch of the remaining ancient temples and tombs in that country. The Ancient Egyptian style of décor apparently was to leave no wall or ceiling area untouched, as if they were commanded to fill all available space. more...

Giza's Cosmic Blueprint
The Author of The Cygnus Mystery Discovers Evidence in the Cygnus Star
By Andrew Collins
In 1994 Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert's ground-breaking book The Orion Mystery theorized that the Pyramids of Giza reflected the astronomical positions of the three "belt" stars of Orion, a constellation linked with the destination of the king's spirit in his role as Osiris, the ancient Egyptian god of death and resurrection. It was this unique concept that opened the way to visualizing Giza's famous pyramid field as constructed as part of some grand cosmological scheme. more...

Nabata Playa's Prehistoric Astronomers
The Co-Author of Black Genesis Explores the Possible Origins of Ancient Egyptian Star Lore
By Thomas Brophy
In 1973 an international team of anthropologists called the Combined Prehistoric Expedition (CPE) headed by Fred Wendorf and Romuald Schild were 100 km west of Abu Simbel, on a break in the blazing heat, when someone noticed potsherds and fine stone tools. They had discovered what came to be known as Nabta Playa. The CPE began excavating there every winter and uncovered, cataloged and radio carbon dated numerous layers of artifacts dating from circa 7,000 BCE to 3,300 BCE. They found tombs of cattle that had been ritually interred and remnants of jewelry that must have come through trade from as far away as the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Wendorf and Schild began calling the site a Neolithic-era "regional ceremonial center" even before they noticed what Nabta Playa would become famous for the megaliths. more...

New Vindication for Colonel Churchward?
Or Maybe Not
Are New Reports Confirming a Secret Library to Be Credited?

By Philip Coppens
New evidence suggests that James Churchward, who claimed to have seen evidence of the lost civilization of Mu, was indeed shown a secret library. German tour operator Thomas Ritter says he has been able to enter it, but are his claims too good to be true? more...

Can Your Sun Sign Change
Answering a Challenge to Your Astrological Identity
By Julie Loar
Controversy arose in January of 2011 after Parke Kunkle, an astronomy professor at Minneapolis Community & Technical College, published a short article in a local paper, announcing that the astrological signs had changed. He also mentioned a thirteenth zodiac constellation, unfamiliar to most readers, which likewise caused a considerable stir. To everyone's surprise, including Kunkle, the story reverberated like a shot heard round the world. The tale morphed from a simple piece to mangled disinformation like the Repeat Game at a party. I have received an avalanche of questions and have been called upon to set the record straight on numerous occasions. Contrary to the misinformation that spread like a virus, the astrological signs have not changed. People can rest easy that their astrological identities are not at risk, but there is a bigger picture to consider. Kunkle's message, while widely misunderstood, does require some technical explanation. more...

In Search of Hidden History
Is America's Real Story the Version We Get in School?
By Marsha Oaks
Just because the mainstream culture does not believe some things are possible, does not make it so. This issue's selection of DVDs will make that very clear to the openminded. For everyone else, there is the mainstream media. more... OCCULT AMERICA:
The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped the U.S.
Mitch Horowitz
Still a scary word to many today-occult-why apply it to America? Mitch begins his talk with the philosopher Johannes Kelpius, a protege of mystical scholars who had survived in the Rhine corridor and led his German pilgrims to the New World in 1693. His Rhine Valley homeland had once been a sanctuary of political independence and esoteric spirituality but had now become a charred land of devastation, crushed by the papal Habsburg Empire during the Thirty Years' War. He and his few followers (less than 40) survived a five-month sea voyage and reached Philadelphia in 1694. There they lived a monastic existence, occupying caves and constructing a 40-foot-square log tabernacle topped with a telescope from which they scanned the stars for holy signs. By sunlight and hearth fire, they studied astrology, alchemy, number symbolism, esoteric Christianity, Kabala, and other philosophies that had once flowered back home. Newcomers journeyed to America to join their Tabernacle in the Forest; and in the years following Kelpius's death from tuberculosis in 1708, they created a larger commune at Ephrata, Pennsylvania. more...

Einstein and Tesla Were Right!
John Brandenburg
Theoretical Plasma Physicist and Mars Researcher, John Brandenburg, starts his presentation with the comment: "I am going to talk now about what is unspoken in Mars science- in fact, what has become unspeakable-I am going to utter unspeakable things that are now concrete science from Mars." Then he shows a comicbook version of the Face on Mars - "This is the first appearance of the Face on Mars; it was in science fiction in 1958. We are indebted to Dick Hoagland, who I am very proud to have worked with in the early parts of the Mars investigation; he discovered this as it appeared in Kirby Comics. I probably read this comicbook when I was a kid. We were preprogrammed to find the Face on Mars, and that's something that mainstream science will not talk about, but that burning image of a humanoid face on Mars was apparently so powerful it transcended space time and spoke to us at the dawn of the space age -they had just launched Sputnik when this comicbook came out." more...

Greater Possibilities

Reincarnation & Tunnels
John Herman -New Paris, PA

Miocene Man?
Marcia Diehl -Occidental, CA

Guiding Spirits
Nancy Wisser -Nazareth, PA