Issue 100 - Gobekli Tepe Cosmic Connection

Issue 100 - Gobekli Tepe Cosmic Connection

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A Hundred Issues Down and Counting
From Editor, J. Douglas Kenyon

This publication has reached a new plateau. It now takes three digits to tell how many issues we have produced. With issue #100 Atlantis Rising has achieved a longevity that few publications in our niche can equal, which says a lot about our persistance, if not our worth.

I must say, that when we launched in November of 1994 it was a challenge to think about getting out even one more issue. As for a hundred? That was beyond imagining. Thanks to two generous friends, though, John Fanuzzi and Greg Mascari, who put up the printing costs for our first two issues, and then Michael Stern, along with Bob and Judy Colee, who paid to print a few more, we did get rolling. If anyone, however, said we were destined to produce as many as a hundred issues, I don't remember it. There were people, though, who did not believe we would last six months. By the way, in the years since, all of our initial investors have continued to support the ongoing venture, especially John Fanuzzi and Michael Stern with their advertising dollars.

Originally, when we published Atlantis Rising #1, we intended it to be bimonthly. But, after being nearly overwhelmed by the work involved, I confess to wondering just how we could get another done on time. It was Greg Mascari who suggested that maybe we should make it a quarterly (one every three months) to give ourselves a little more time to get it together. I took the suggestion, and we remained quarterly for the next six years. By the turn of the millennium though we had built up enough steam to finally go with the bimonthly schedule. We have maintained it ever since. For nearly 19 years overall, I am grateful to say, we have never missed a single deadline.

Along the way we have gathered a unique and sizable audience, composed, we like to think, of the most discerning readers on the planet. Atlantis Rising can now be found in the magazine section of most major chain bookstores, including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Hastings and in many other outlets. We have also produced three books published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Company. Two became IT best sellers and all are still in print.

I would like to note, as well, that with the significant financial support of John Fanuzzi, we also successfully produced three documentary videos. All three can now be viewed on YouTube. Technologies of the Gods alone has been viewed over half a million times.

Over the course of producing a hundred issues, a lot can happen, both good and bad, but we are happy to report that, in the process, we have gathered a sterling set of contributors, whose expertise in dealing with our chosen subject matter—ancient mysteries, unexplained anomalies, and future science—is known internationally. Almost all have written their own books, many of which are best sellers. Not surprisingly, most of our readers now consider Atlantis Rising, "the magazine of record" in this genré.

To mark the new milestone, Atlantis Rising is now publishing a new book, featuring a collection of some of our most interesting articles from the last few years. We are calling it Paradign Busters. Our plan is to make it available exclusively through our own store. Look for the ad elsewhere in this issue.

We could say more, but right now we are thinking about getting to four digits.

Where Censorship Speaks Louder Than Words
The prestigious not-for-profit TED Talks organization claims a commitment to informing its patrons about the latest developments in Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED). Despite charging audiences thousands of dollars to watch speeches, at conferences and streaming live on the web, for which it pays nothing, TED has developed a considerable international following, reaching over a billion viewers so far. Now it can add one more trophy to its collection, censorship.more...

UFOs Secretly Studied by Soviets
Contrary to the widely held view that the Cold War Soviet Union wasn't interested in the UFO phenomenon, it now appears that, in fact, the KGB (soviet spy agency) devoted significant resources to the study of UFOs and the paranormal. According to the popular Russian news site, Vasily Yeremenko, a retired major general and researcher with the Academy of Security, Defense and Law and Order Issues, has now publicly declared that he headed a KGB agency charged with collecting and evaluating UFO reports.more...

Working Mind-Control Experiment Reported
If you think worrying about mind control is strictly for the folks in tin foil hats, think again—if you still can, that is. To the world of visionary—if not paranoid— science fiction, of course, the idea is nothing new. From George Orwell's 1984 to the Richard Condon's Manchurian Candidate, the nightmare of a totalitarian state determined to manipulate the innermost thoughts of its citizenry has been a familiar, albeit very chilling, theme. Now, though, it appears that an important fortification between nightmare and reality may have been breached. more...

Scientists Struggling To Explain Recent Climate Data
The computer models used by global warming theorists are breaking down. According to Reuters, a news service which has actively supported the global warming cause, scientists are now struggling to account for the climate's significant departure from the course predicted by models on which they rely. In an April report Reuters conceded a "slowdown in climate change has exposed gaps in [scientists'] understanding."more...

Is "Spooky Action" Is "Spooky Action" Coming to the ISS?
Despite contradicting the "laws" of classical physics, the information in subatomic particles will keep in perfect sync with each other, no matter how far apart. The particles must be "entangled," and then what Einstein called "spooky action at a distance" occurs. This is all described in quantum physics theory and it has been demonstrated over relatively short distances. Now a new experiment has been proposed which would deploy the International Space Station to prove whether entanglement works over great distances.more...

High Speed Evolution Proven to Be Possible
Ever since development of the Darwinian theory of evolution, a key concept has been that the process is extremely gradual requiring vast aeons to unfold. A contrary argument, usually called 'catastrophism,' has held that, when spurred by radical changes in the environment, as might happen following a planetary catastrophe like an asteroid strike, evolution can occur with great rapidity. Now an authoritative new study shows that, indeed, such rapid evolution is not only possible, it may well be the norm.more...

Higgs Doesn't Like Term, 'God Particle'
After 40 years and over $13 billion invested, physicists at Switzerland's Large Hadron Collider seem finally to be nearing formal proof for the existence of the elusive Higgs Bosun—the particle believed to impart mass to physical objects. The battle over its popular name "The God Particle," however, may be just beginning.more...

Australian 'Joe Cell' Continues to Defy Conventional Thinking
Anyone doubting the existence of so-called zero-point energy would be well advised to watch the 25-minute YouTube video, The Story of the Joe Cell.

Since its introduction in the early 1990s the "Joe Cell," has been thought to be a kind of orgone accumulator similar to that developed by Wilhelm Reiche the controversial and persecuted Austrian psychoanalist and inventor.more...

New Film Includes Purported X-Rays of Six-Inch Humanoid
Asix-inch-tall, "alien" humanoid is the startling subject of a new documentary released in April. In the film, prominent ufologist, Dr. Steven Greer, narrates an analysis of graphic x-ray and photographic evidence for the apparently mummified remains found recently in Chile's Atacama desert.more...

Tracking the News of the Coming Energy Revolution
Beyond LENR (aka 'Cold Fusion') to Useful Energy
By Jeane Manning
We're in a time of big changes. The CEO of a new energy company developing a revolutionary product says, "If we had started this ten years ago, we'd be dead by now."

Even a change for the better is not always easy. We resist letting go of an outmoded belief or worldview despite the fact that it's not solving our problems. It's all the more difficult to ditch a worldview if you've defended it for many years and expect reward for your elite knowledge.more...

Debating the Berekhat Ram Figurine Implications
By Michael Cremo
When did figurative sculpture begin? According to many mainstream archeologists, figurative sculpture began about twenty five or thirty thousand years ago, when humans of the Homo sapiens type suddenly started producing objects such as the Willendorf Venus, discovered in 1908 in Austria. But some archaeologists trace the origin of sculpture much further back in time, to simpler antecedents. An example of this is the Berekhat Ram figurine. more...

Mexico's Mysterious Mica
A Professional Engineer Looks at Unexplored Possibilities
By Arlan Andrews, Sr., D.S.
The mineral mica is at the center of an archaeological mystery: why did the ancient builders of the Teotihuacan Pyramid complex in Mexico use slabs of it on the gigantic Pyramid of the Sun, as flooring near the Avenue of the Dead, and as lining for the walls of underground tunnels there?

Is it possible that the ancient engineers utilized the properties of this material in ways that we have not discovered? I will propose here that our predecessor civilizations had active applications for the mineral, uses that are not part of modern life or technology.more...

The Coming New Species
Should We Expect to See Strange Creatures Soon?
By William B. Stoecker
Looking at the variety of animals and plants in the world, it is obvious that they all are related in varying degrees to one another. Lions are members of the felidae family, for example, and all cats are in the order carnivora; and they are mammals, and vertebrates, and all are animals. Both plants and animals have cells whose internal structure is almost identical, save that plant cells have cell walls, and some have chloroplasts. The fossil record clearly shows that new species appear and are similar to earlier species. Many eventually have become extinct, only to be replaced by new (but also similar) species. It is obvious that some kind of evolution, or something like evolution, has been taking place; and it also seems likely that natural selection, as Darwin believed, has played some role in it. But a closer look at the fossil record, a more careful consideration of the evidence, shows that random mutation combined with natural selection (neo-Darwinism) does not adequately explain the process. Remember that Darwin had never heard of genetics or of mutation, and the complex internal structure of living cells was virtually unknown in his time. The fact is that only intelligent design can explain the development of life on Earth. Entire books have been written on this subject, so here it is only possible to summarize some of the main points. But first it is only honest to admit that intelligent design requires a Designer, and, almost by definition, only a Supreme Being would have the power, the knowledge, the longevity, and the sheer patience to tinker with living organisms for at least 3.85 billion years. This is not intended to be an endorsement of any particular religion more...

Divine Proportions
Fibonacci and the Golden Section in Nature and Human Achievement
By Patrick Marsolek
In 2011, the American Museum of Natural History awarded a young seventh grader named Aiden Dwyer its Young Naturalist Award for proposing an arrangement of solar panels based on the Fibonacci series. Aiden noticed the natural pattern that tree leaves were arranged around a stem, which correlated to the Fibonacci series, would be more efficient than traditional arrays of solar panels. Similarly, in the field of biomimicry, a company called PAX Scientific out of San Rafael, California, has been developing air and fluid movement technologies also based on the Fibonacci series. Their "Streamlining Principle" is being applied to fans, mixers, impellers and such that move air and liquids more efficiently in systems. Tapping into the wonder of the Fibonacci series, and its correlate, the Golden Ratio, has been happening for thousands of years. Whether consciously recognizing it or not, humans have an amazing relationship with the Fibonacci series and the Golden Ratio. more...

Ancient Code of the Temple Builders
Unraveling the Shared Secrets of Rosslyn Chapel and Chartres Cathedral
By Jeff Nisbet
This is the tale of two, medieval, religious buildings and the curious historical and architectual anomalies they have in common. One is a small Scottish chapel, and the other an immense French cathedral.

Let's begin in Scotland.

Ten years after the publication of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, there still seems no bottom to the list of priceless relics speculated to be hidden in Rosslyn Chapel. To the endless amusement of skeptics, this world-class collection includes the Holy Grail, the Lost Treasure of the Templars, the Ark of the Covenant, the Stone of Destiny, the Black Cross of Scotland, the mummified head of Jesus, and, most recently, the skull of St. Matthew. more...

The Sailors of Atlantis
The Evidence for Ancient Mastery of the Seas Remains Unexplained
By Frank Joseph
Conventional archaeologists unanimously insist that the same Egyptians who raise the Great Pyramid were incapable of building a ship that could cross the sea. Although this general consensus is still emphatically upheld by mainstream scholars, it was effectively demolished almost sixty years ago. In 1954, a magnificent vessel more than 140 feet long and nearly 20 feet wide was discovered near the base of a pyramid assigned by Egyptologists to Pharaoh Khufu (also known as "Cheops"), who ruled the Old Kingdom's Fourth Dynasty for at least twenty-six years. On public display since 1982, following painstaking reconstruction at the Giza Solar Boat Museum, it had been sealed with all its 1224, perfectly preserved pieces still laid out in their original order, minus any human remains, inside a deep pit carved from the local bedrock around 2580 BC. more...

The Man Who Proved He Wasn't Dead
The Very Strange Story of the Late George Pellew
By Michael E. Tymn
He was a lawyer, journalist, author, and poet during his short, 32-year tenure on Earth, but his most significant achievement came soon after his death on February 18, 1892, when he began providing some distinguished researchers with strong evidence that there is life after death. In fact, it might very well be the most scientific evidence of the survival of human consciousness ever obtained. more...

Portal to WORLDS Unknown?
Approaching the Mysterious Doorway of Amaru Meru
By Robert Schoch, Ph.D.
Around the world there are strange and mysterious places where time and reality are not as normally experienced. Do our minds simply play tricks on us? Or are there certain sites we may with good reason consider as sacred, as power spots, as vortexes, as points on ley lines, as intersections on the planetary grid where telluric and earth energies erupt to the surface and those who are sensitive to such energies can find themselves transformed? Such places have been acknowledged and sought by mystics for thousands of years, or longer. My own research suggests that Neanderthals in Europe during the ice ages actively gathered at certain sites they considered significant, which probably helped to heighten their psychic powers. more...

Gobekli Tepe The Cosmic Connection
Did Its Builders Have Their Eyes on the Skies?
By Andrew Collins
On a hilly ridge call Gobekli Tepe in the Taurus Mountains of southeast Turkey, near the ancient city of Sanliurfa, archaeologists have uncovered the oldest stone temple complex in the world. Constructed most probably during the second half of the tenth millennium BC, some seven thousaand years before Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid, the site consists of a series of rings of enormous T-shaped pillars, many bearing carved reliefs of ice age animals, strange glyphs, and geometric forms. more...

Precession of the Equinoxes and the Golden Fleece
Jason and the Argonauts Give Newton a Lift
By John Chambers
Imaginary or not, Jason and the Argonautsyet find their story writ large in the night sky. The constellation Argo, rising just above the horizon, commemorates the swift 50-oared longboat that carried Jason and his crew of 50 heroes around the ancient world in search of the golden fleece. Lyra, or the lyre, higher in the sky than Argo, honors the Argonaut/demigod Orpheus who, perched on the stern of the boat, played his enchanted lyre and charmed the rowing warriors into redoubling their efforts and the fish of the sea into following behind in an enthralled and gamboling troupe. more...

Blood Brothers
What Did Iroquois and Vikings Owe to Each Other?
By Steven Sora
For centuries Columbus was accepted as the first European to reach the Americas. Norse sagas which told a completely different story were dismissed as fairy tales. That is until in the 1960's the husband and wife team of Helge Ingstad and Anne Stine unearthed a desolate place on the north shore of Newfoundland called L'Anse aux Meadows. Somewhere between 989 and 1020 Norse seafarers established a village where they were able to repair and construct their open sailing vessels. Following that discovery, opinions are changing. Even the more conservative, and greatly respected, National Geographic will allow that there were several such sites and larger settlements in the New World. This is just part of the story, however, as there is much evidence which indicates the Iroquois peoples included Norse settlers; and Iroquoian culture shared a great deal with the people called Vikings. more...

Jupiter in Cancer
The King of the Gods Gets in Touch with His Feelings
By Julie Loar
Twice as massive as all the other planets combined, Jupiter is so large that 11 Earths could fit side by side across its face. If Jupiter had been 100 times more massive at birth, it would have ignited, as Jupiter's composition is more like a star than a planet. Jupiter has an internal energy source, enormous magnetic fields, and actually radiates more heat than it takes in from the Sun. The colorful cloud bands that are visible through telescopes are actually layers; darker clouds are deeper in Jupiter's atmosphere, while the lighter clouds are higher. The Great Red Spot is a gargantuan high-pressure storm, similar to a hurricane on Earth, rotating counterclockwise in Jupiter's southern hemisphere in about six days time. more...

Where Life Takes Wing
There's More to Some Familiar Creatures Than You May Have Suspected
By Marsha Oaks
A new look at the secrets of birds and how they operate; a completely novel way of thinking about biblical end-time prophecy; and the commentary of a select group of experts on lost ancient knowledge make up this unique offering of new DVDs for your consideration. more... FLIGHT:
The Genius of Birds
Randolph Productions/Illustra Media
This is the latest release from Illustra Media, which follows their Metamorphosis: The Beauty and Design of Butterflies, which they described as, "exploring the extraordinary life cycle of these remarkable insects—and why the only reasonable explanation for their origin is an intelligent agent." And it is "intelligent design" that is their prime focus in their other productions, as well: Unlocking the Mystery of Life; The Privileged Planet; and Darwin's Dilemma (all three have been reviewed in previous issues of Atlantis Rising.) more...
DVD 63 min.

Lost Secrets of the Throne of the Second Coming, the Ark of the Mahdi, and the Messiah's End Time Kit
William Henry
Here's William's latest DVD to the delight of his "regulars" and an intriguing introduction to new viewers. Atlantis Rising has reviewed several of his DVDs in previous issues. Since the review copy we received of this DVD was defective, our choice was to either wait for a replacement and review it in a future issue, or just go ahead and include it in this issue with information gleaned from his website. We feel it best to go ahead, so here it is: more...
DVD 90 min.

Ancient Visitations, Crop Circles, Mound Builders, and Atlanteans
A.R.E. Press
Seven powerful speakers get together at an A.R.E. Conference in this groundbreaking, 12hour event to explore mysteries, messages, and hidden histories from our ancient past, including visitations, crop circles, mound builders, and insights on Atlantis. The featured speakers (most well-known to Atlantis Rising readers) are:

Zecharia Sitchin (who has passed on since this conference) was an internationally acclaimed researcher and author of a dozen books, including his best-selling titles: The 12th Planet and The End of Days. He offered evidence that we are not alone in our solar system, that the past is the key to the future, and the ancient ones are returning soon.

Andrew Collins is a researcher, an explorer, and author of the groundbreaking The Cygnus Mystery. See the cover story in this issue on page 42. Collins details the results of his ongoing exploration on and under the Giza plateau and the search for the lost Hall of Records in Egypt. His latest book is Beneath the Pyramids.

John Van Auken is one of the most popular speakers and respected experts on ancient mysteries and mystical spirituality. He is the author of numerous titles and has appeared on several TV programs, including the Discovery Channel's Search for Atlantis and the History Channel's Digging for the Truth.

Greg Little is coauthor of Edgar Cayce's Atlantis and Mound Builders and has authored three books on mystical phenomena. He has visited more than 1,000 mound sites and studied the alignment of ancient sites and their effects on brain processes. HIs latest book is Illustrated Encyclopedia of Native American Mounds and Earthworks.

Lora Little is coauthor of five books on Atlantis including The Lost Hall of Records. She presents the latest findings from her six years as leader of research into Atlantis in the Bimini and Andros areas.

James Mullaney is an astronomy writer, lecturer, consultant, and author of the book Edgar Cayce and the Cosmos. He has acted as both curator and director of planetariums and brings a unique view of the cosmos to his audiences.

Peter Woodbury is a psychotherapist, a popular speaker on the Edgar Cayce perspective, and favorite A.R.E tour leader to Egypt. He brings more than 20 years of research and experience to his presentation.

There is a wealth of information in these 12 hours, maybe some you've heard or read before, but always something new--and, of course, it's exciting to view each one's presentation at that point in time—well worth your investment! more...
12 Hr., 30 Min.

Advanced Guidance

The Future of Genius
Bob Freedman -New York, NY

Magnetic Tiwunaku
Ben Stoecker -Sacramento, CA

Forbidden History
Adnan Kashwani -United Arab Emirate

Forbidden Science
Kristoffer Morett -Huntington, PA

The Measurements of Time
Jessie Thompson -Rural Hall, NC