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What Goes Around Comes Around
From Editor, J. Douglas Kenyon

One of the causes for the destruction of Atlantis, it has been theorized, was the kind of thotoughly mad science said to have been practiced in the place. Edgar Cayce, the 'sleeping prophet' of Virgina Beach, was among those who spoke of strange creatures produced through genetic engineeting of that time. In fact, Cayce said, the battle over what to do with such creatures led to warfarfare which eventuated in the complete destruction of the empire.

Some have speculated that so-called mythological creatures, chimeras (organisms con- taining a mixture of genetically different tissues, or hybrids), such as satyrs, centaurs, minotaurs, etc., may actually represent a dimly remembered reality. The sheer horror of much that may have transpired could go far in explaining the deep amnesia which seems, thus far, to have frustrated all attempts to uncover reliable records of that lost world - one in which many who read this magazine feel they may have actually lived. Perhaps one of the most compelling, if least understood, reasons that so many share a visceral objection to research in areas such as stem cell science, has to do with partially-recalled, nightmarish encounters with the actual result of unchecked genetic experimentation.

Is it possible that the failure to remember consciously what may once have transpired on Earth increases the chance we might actually have to relive it? In his book Mankind in Amnesia, the great scientist and psychoanalyst Immanuel Velikovsky, argued that repressed memories of Earth's ancient catastrophic destructions may account for much of the evil we find in the world today.

In his 1896 novel, The Island of Doctor Moreau, H.G. Wells described an isolated is- land visited by a shipwrecked man where the mad Dr. Moreau created human-like beings from animals via vivisection. Today scientists need not rely on such pprimitive techniques. Genetic engineering can now do a great deal worse by manipulating the human genome, and there is no shortage of eveidence that once again science may be running amok.

Dr. Eugene McCarthy, a Georgia-based geneticist, is proposing that humans first arose from an ancient hybrid cross between pigs and chimpanzees. He says he wants to do some experiments to test his thesis, but he says he won't actually produce any creatures. So far, no scientific consensus has emerged on whether he should proceed, but not all researchers in the field are so squeamish. According to Britain's Independent newspaper: "Scientists have created genetically-engineered mice with artificial human chromosomes in every cell of their bodies, as part of a series of studies showing that it may be possible to treat genetic diseases with a radically new form of gene therapy."

Recent reports that stem cells taken from aborted human fetuses have been used simply to test what kind of flavors might be successful in artificial foods reveal the surprising extent of what may be coming into play as the science develops. In July, science blogger Michael Snyder warned on his web site, "Over the past decade, there have been some absolutely stunning advances in the field of genetic modification. Today, it is literally possible for college students to create new lifeforms in their basements. Unfortunately, laws have not kept pace with these advancements, and in many countries there are very few limits on what scientists are allowed to do."

Many of those who would like to see a rediscovery of the advanced sciences that possibly went down with Atlantis, may yet get their chance. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily good news.

New Evidence Challenges Global Warming Models
more... The principal article of faith -fervently held these days in certain sectors of government and academia —that Earth is rapidly warming and headed toward a climate catastrophe unless draconian steps are taken immediately, has received another signif icant, albeit heretical, challenge.

Near-Death-Experience Deniers Lashing Back?
more... The objective reality of so-called Near Death Experiences (NDE) -the vivid recollections common to many after clinical death, of leaving the body and approaching a great light, followed by an abrupt return to earthly life, forever changed by their afterlife encounter -have lately been under assault in the mainstream media.

Ancient Metallic Coating Technology Still Unmatched
Many of the secrets of ancient craftsmen remain a mystery today. The unequaled array of skills provided by various esoteric guilds during the so-called Dark Ages continues to amaze, even in this age of advanced technical competence, and now another example of astonishing ancient sophistication has emerged. more...

New Evidence Discovered for Neanderthal Advancement
In Atlantis Rising #101 Martin Ruggles reported on the growing realization among scientists that ancient Neanderthals preceded humans in many of the developments we now associate with our own march to civilization. New evidence from southwest France underscores the point.more...

Remains Found on Silk Road for Lost Ancient Civilization
The celebrated silk road, traveled by explorers such as Marco Polo, was once the only real connection between East and West. Now we learn that thousands of years ago, it was home to a forgotten civilization. Archaeologists in China's Gansu Province have found artifacts on the west bank of the Heihe river dating back over four thousand years. Copper items and evidence of a copper smelting mill have been found, along with agricultural para- phernalia.more...

Could the Universe Be a Giant Brain?
The idea is not new, Scientists and science fiction writers have suggested as much for years, but now a new study says a closer look at the universe and the human brain reveals many surprising similarities.more...

Mars May be Much Younger Than Ee Once Belived
Mars be a veritable youngster? For years scientists have been saying the red planet is incredibly old —four billion years, in fact —but lately some have suggested it might be as young as 200 million, a small fraction of the previous estimate. The latest numbers come from scientists at Canada's Royal Ontario Museum who are relying on a new analysis of the various meteorites from Mars that have crashed on Earth. Both estimates, however, are based on conventional wisdom about how long it takes for geological events to unfold and could be way off the mark.more...

Tracking the News of the Coming Energy Revolution
The New Mission to Learn the Lost Secrets of Electricity
By Jeane Manning
Would human civilization be closer to a golden age now if electrical science had never abandoned the road that could have led to aether-fueled technologies?

I've had most of the summer to ponder such questions, inspired by the Bedini-Lindemann conference. The answer that keeps coming up is "Yes. It's never too late to retrace our steps, leave the road-to-nowhere that relies on fossil fuel burning and atom-smashing technologies, and get back to harmonious ways of working with nature instead of destroying it."more...

The Strange Case of the Wolfsegg Object
By Michael Cremo
In the fall of 1885, a workman at an iron foundry in the village of Schondorf in Austria made an interesting discovery. He was breaking up big blocks of coal, which were to be burned in the smelting furnaces of the foundry. Inside one of the blocks of coal, he found an iron object with a scalloped surface. The object soon attracted the attention of scientists, including Dr. Adolf Gurlt of a natural sciences society in Bonn, Germany. A summary account of Dr. Gurlt's report to the natural sciences society (the Niederrheinische Gesellschaft für Naturund Heilkunde) was published in the scientific journal Nature (November 11, 1886, vol. 35, p. 36). more...

Big Bang or Not?
Shouldn't There Be a Better Explanation for the Origin of the Universe?
By William B. Stoecker
Cosmologists dwell where physics and astronomy overlap. Physicists tend to study that which is very small, subatomic particles, and cosmologists specialize in the very large—the age, size, origin, and structure of the universe. Just as physicists explain atomic structure and the forces governing the universe by attempting to reconcile quantum mechanics and relativity (currently with string or membrane theory) cosmologists explain things with their own overall theory—the expanding universe or "big bang" theory. They believe that the universe is finite but unbounded and that it originated from a single point some 13.798 billion years ago, give or take .037 billion years. Although there are some very good reasons for believing this, there are also some serious problems with the theory. From the very beginning, there were doubters, such as maverick astronomer Fred Hoyle, who stuck to his steady state theory for a long time before becoming a convert. Even today a few astronomers, such as Halton Arp, doubt the validity of the expanding universe theory.more...

The Sirius PUzzle
What Were the Ancients Trying to Tell Us?
By Patrick Marsolek
The star Sirius has fascinated humans for many millennia. Many different cultures around the world have beliefs and myths that are tied up with the star. It is the brightest star in the sky from Earth and it is the fifth closest star we've identified to our sun. You can see it from the Northern hemisphere in the winter months by following a line down from the belt of Orion, where it appears as a white/blue star. In the right conditions, at high elevation and with the sun low in the sky, it can even be seen during the day. more...

Easter Island's Astonishing Antiquity
Why Orthodox Science Has a Lot of Explaining to Do
By David H. Childress
While Easter Island is thought to have been first discovered and inhabited by Polynesians (probably coming from the Marquesas Islands, north of Tahiti), around AD 300, it is believed by most mainstream archaeologists that the time of the excavation and movement of the statues was between AD 1100 and 1680. This is based on radio-carbon dating of wood, bone, and shell found buried in and around the statues and the quarry of Rano Raraku. However, we do not know how deeply these objects were buried. Indeed, the dated material might well have been placed there long after the statues had been carved. more...

The Suspension of Disbelief
U.S. Air Force Strategy and the Roswell Case
By Thomas J. Carey
Everyone has seen a movie or a play at some time or other in his or her life that has involved the invocation of that time-honored theatrical technique known as "suspension of disbelief" [hereinafter referred to as "SOD"] by which the audience is required to believe a premise that it would never accept in the real world— things that happen in the story, that no one would believe if they were presented in a newspaper as fact. In such instances, the audience makes a semiconscious decision to put aside its disbelief and accepts the unbelievable premise as "real" for the duration of the story as long as the story maintains consistency with that premise within story parameters. In other words, the audience suspends its disbelief of what it is witnessing in order for the story to go forward. If it doesn't, the story doesn't work, and everyone goes home unhappy. more...

Glastonbury's Zodiac
Was Mrs. Maltwood's Glorious Vision Real or Imagined?
By Robert Schoch, Ph.D.
On a brisk English day this past May, I found myself climbing Glastonbury Tor in the presence of none other than ANthony THorley, an expert, indeed in my opinion perhaps the foremost living authority, on the Glastonbury Zodiac. A retired psychiatrist who for over three decades has been studying landscape traditions, histories, and energies, Thorley is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Wales (Trinity Saint David) focused on landscape zodiacs, such as the Zodiac found at Glastonbury. more...

The Spirits of Glastonbury
Sometimes Archaeology Needs a Little Help
By Michael E. Tymn
Visitors to he ruins of Glastonbury Abbey in southwest England, not far from Stonehenge, find an abundance of history while exploring the grounds, which cover 37 acres, and while examining the exhibits and books in the museum at the entrance to the grounds. Much of it is historical fact, but some of it is clearly in the area of myth—possibly fact, possibly a mixture of fact and fantasy, or possibly pure fiction. Joseph of Arimathea, St. Patrick, King Arthur, the Isle of Avalon, and the Holy Grail are all part of Glastonbury mythology. more...

Did the Welsh Discover America?
Prince Madoc and the English Claim to the New World
By Steven Sora
Three hundred and twenty years before Columbus, it is said, a Welsh Prince sailed across the Atlantic and into the Gulf of Mexico. His voyage of discovery and two subsequent returns were not recorded outside of his own homeland, but, nevertheless, they were recorded. Like the Vikings whose similar adventures were described in their Sagas, the Welsh voyages were almost always considered fiction. The Vikings sailed in search of new lands; others, including Basque and Breton fishermen, had fished the Grand Banks for cod long before Columbus, but the Welsh Prince sailed for peace. more...

Lake Vostok's Secret Life
Startling Proof of the Very Strange World Beneath Antartica's Ice
By Martin Ruggles
In the twenty years since the discovery of Lake Vostok, the burning—or should we say chilling?—question about the giant sub-glacial body of liquid water has been: will we find life there? In late June of this year the world learned that the def initive answer is a resounding, yes. The enormous lake is, in fact, "teeming" with life. Before the announcement, conventional wisdom has had it that Vostok was probably sterile. It is, after all, very cold and inhospitable down there, but once again conventional science seems to have underestimated the capacity of life to exist, and even thrive, in worlds far stranger than previously imagined. more...

Polar Memories
Did a Great Ancient Saga Begin at the North Pole?
By Sergey Teleguin
The book Arctic Home in the Vedas, was first published in 1903. Written by the Indian philosopher Bal Gangadhar Tilak (1856-1920), the work was an analysis of the texts of the Rigveda and Avesta. A mathematician turned astronomer, historian, journalist, philosopher and political leader of India, Tilak had come to the conclusion that many of the hymns comprising the ancient texts came not from India or Iran but from the ancient polar region. He noted that descriptions of the long months of darkness, the protracted daybreak, the movement of the sun along the horizon and the position of the pole star directly overhead, corresponded best to descriptions of the sky at the North Pole. more...

Where Might Such an Enormous Place Have Left its Mark?
By Frank Joseph
In the gnostic Gospel According to Thomas Jesus is quoted as having observed, "The Kingdom of God is spread upon the Earth, and no one sees it." The same might be said of Lemuria.

Although laughed off as a Theosophist fantasy by mainstream scholars, physical evidence comprising perhaps millions of tons of cut stone from the Motherland of Civilization are quite literally spread over and under much of the Pacific Ocean and into the Indian Ocean. Their abundance of material evidence is neither imaginary nor a misinterpretation of Polynesian or Micronesian archaeology. Rather, the series of megalithic ruins running from Easter Island to Japan and off the coast of northwest India— from a proper perspective—stand out for a fundamental commonality arising from a single, high, and unique culture. But what was Lemuria? more...

Uranus Pluto Square
Is This the Astrology of Revolution?
By Julie Loar
Astrologer Dane Rudyar has called Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto "Ambassadors of the Galaxy," as they inhabit the outer part of the Solar System. Large astrological cycles, and aspects between these "ambassadors," are thought to influence the evolution of consciousness. Rudyar died in 1985, so he didn't live to see Pluto's change of status or other dwarf planetary entities emerging from the remote and frigid darkness of our Sun's domain. more...

The Fields of the Sun
Understanding the Powerful Influence of Solar Magnetism on Humanity
By Marsha Oaks
How much are events on Earth inf luenced by forces from beyond our planet and our time? For most of the intelligentsia the primary answer: not much. Those who have seen this batch of videos may think otherwise. more... SOLAR REVOLUTION
Dieter Broers
Even though this documentary was produced in 2012 and makes reference to the uncertainty of the "end game" that was in some peoples' minds, it's still worth a viewing in 2013, as we now, of course, know. And the featured speakers (Rupert Sheldrake, Michael Konig, Elizabeth Rauscher, J. J. Hurtak, et al.) never once considered the dire end feared by so many, just an acknowledgment that there was to be the beginning of a change of some kind—in this case, presenting the hypothesis: Does the sun have the power to transform humankind? World-renowned German biophysicist Dieter Broeors makes a compelling case pointing to a wealth of scientific evidence that shows a remarkable correlation between increases in solar activity and advances in our creative, mental, and spiritual abilities. more...
DVD 100 Min.

The Truth Lost in Time
Philip Coppens and Jesse Marcel III
Join Philip Coppens in this untold and unprecedented expose on the Roswell Incident as told by Major Jesse Marcel's grandson, as he reveals what has continued to haunt his family for over 60 years—the legacy of Roswell.

Roswell is the most enigmatic and universally known UFO incident in history. Roswell will never fade as it represents the true ushering in of the UFO phenomenon for time immemorial. Dwarfing Orson Wells' War of the Worlds in national and then international hysteria, Roswell was an unparalleled turning point for all of mankind, because for the first time almost every man, woman, and child on Earth was faced with the reality that we are not alone in the universe. more...
DVD 70 Min.

David Hatcher Childress
Once again, we have a DVD with popular author and "Ancient Aliens" star David Hatcher Childress featured live at a conference—the 2013 International UFO Congress in Phoenix, Arizona, where he wowed a standing-room only audience. He presents 90 min- utes of fascinating material, with photo after photo of megalithic building, evidence of high-tech machining and power tools at Puma Punku in Bolivia and all over the world, astonishing skeletons featuring elongated skulls, evidence of a super-cataclysm on Easter Island, strange statues of the remote Bada Valley in Indonesia, and the amazing evidence that the great inventor Nikola Tesla was attempting to re-create the ancient power sys- tem of Atlantis—a system of monolithic crystal towers that included structures on the Moon. "Tesla had this whole idea of broadcasting power through the atmosphere," states David. "He tried to build towers in the 1920s, just like radio or TV could be broadcast and you'd pick it up, Tesla wanted to broadcast electricity through the air! And his wingless, antigravity airships would just pick up power from his towers—in the 1920s!" This is a fast-paced tour of the world in search of megaliths, vimanas, and ancient technology, and it includes bonus trailers and extras—a great video companion to David's recent books. And, yes, there is some repeat information from previous DVDs, but plenty more included here to make this a worthwhile purchase. more...
DVD 90 Min.

Freedom from Duality

Imhotep's Black Box
Daniel Porter -Cameron, MO

Journeys in Space and Time
Ernst Brenner -Edmonton, Alberta, CN

Humans Before Adam
Ray E. Daly -Lincoln, NE

The Source of Twelve
Rev. Barbara -Brooklyn, NY

King Arthur and the Comet
Dianna Bourke Privette -Jacksonville, FL