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Issue 105 - PDF Download

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Webcasting Our 'Conversations'
From Editor, J. Douglas Kenyon

By the time you read this, the all -new AtlantisRising Conversations internet radio show will have made its debut. It is our plan to offer a regular series of interviews with our many worldclass writers on the topics they cover so well in our pages. Eventually we expect to talk to others who share our perspectives. For now each show will feature yours truly in conversation with one guest.

As I write this in late February, all the details are not finalized, but you will be able to find out more from our web site at or by checking our Facebook page. The first three shows have been recorded and edited. You will be able to listen to and to view the programs through a dedicated page on our site, and each will probably also be available on YouTube.

In the first three programs, I interview Dr. Robert Schoch, Dr. Susan Martinez, and William B. (Ben) Stoecker. Dr. Schoch talks about his recent trip to Gunung Padang in Indonesia, where he has investigated some little-known ancient ruins, providing indisputable evidence of sophisticated civilization before the end of the last ice age. The show includes a number of previously unpublished photographs taken of the site by his wife Mary. Dr. Martinez talks about the evidence for Global Drying and its surprising implications for the Global Warming theory, especially in light of the current historic drought in the American west. Ben Stoecker discusses the well documented anomaly of animal species found in many locations throughout the world, where there is no satisfactory explanation for just how they got there.

Future shows will deal with many of the topics which we cover in these pages; but, as you might imagine, it will take some time to get to many of them. Our main priority remains to produce Atlantis Rising Magazine, but in creating Conversations, we hope to expand our reach to a new audience as well as provide a valuable supplement to these pages.

Back in the 1990s we undertook production of three TV documentaries dealing with our chosen fields. Over the years, all have enjoyed wide public interest; and for the last couple years, all have been available for streaming download through YouTube. As of this writing, Technologies of the Gods has been viewed over a half million times. Clash of the Geniuses and The Atlantis Connection have also enjoyed very large audiences. In all, Atlantis Rising Video has generated nearly a million viewings so far. The new Atlantis Rising Conversations, we hope, will help people to make the link between our YouTube presence and our magazine.

To listen to Atlantis Rising Conversations right now, go to: . Be sure to tell your friends about the new show, and don't forget to mention that the FREE Atlantis Rising App is now available on the Apple App Store.

Noah is getting a great deal of attention these days. A new Paramount movie, starring Russell Crowe (now in theatres), attempts to retell the classic story of the man who the Bible says built a great ark to enable representatives of all living creatures (two by two) to survive a worldwide flood and to repopulate the earth. Not only is Noah getting the full Hollywood treatment, but an ancient cuneiform artifact, apparently offering instructions on how to build a very large boat which could have done the job, has just surfaced at the British museum. more...

New Voynich Solution Claims Causing Stir
The so -called Voynich manuscript remains undeciphered, but some progress possibly, may now have been made in solving the mystery. Two widely separated, but authoritative, sources now cite new breakthroughs. On one hand a U.S. botanist has raised the tantalizing possibility that the strange document may have roots in the new world. And, late in February came word that a professor at Britain's University of Bedfordshire claims to actually cracked the code. more...

Shroud Dating Mixup Blamed on Earthquake
The debate over the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin is generating even more controversy. The latest comes from a group of Italian scientists led by Alberto Carpinteri of the Politecnico di Torino who argue that an earthquake which struck Jerusalem at about the time of the crucifixion may have changed radiocarbon levels which could have resulted in an erroneous report in the 1980s claiming the Shroud to be a medieval forgery. more...

Maybe there was no Big Bang, after all. Maybe the universe has just been slowly thawing out from being a very cold place, and not exploding out from a single point. Christol Wetterich a respected theoretical physicist of Germany's Heidelberg University argues in a new paper called, "A Universe Without Expansion," that the universe, having once been very cold and very empty, has been emerging slowly ever since from the cosmic deep freeze. more...

'There are no black holes,' says Cambridge University physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, and since he is one of the people who constructed the original black hole theory, people are paying attention. According to Hawking, if both general relativity and quantum theory are true, there can be no black holes, at least not with all the properties which they have been believed to have. more...

Children Sense Existence Prior to Their Conception
The mantra of the pro -life movement is that life begins at conception. But does it—as reincarnationists believe—exist before conception? For young children, it turns out, the answer is yes. A new study shows that until about age seven, children have a strong sense that their own existence goes back to well before their mothers bore them. more...

Did Francis Drake Make it to Canada?
To the British under Queen Elizabeth II, Francis Drake was a hero. To the Spanish he was a pirate for whom king Phillip II offered a reward of about seven million dollars in today's money. The money was never collected. And now it looks like the intrepid sea captain, privateer, navigator and slaver, went much further than the official history books of either England or Spain record. A newly discovered 16th century English shilling on the shoreline of Vancouver island in Canada's British Columbia, is the latest evidence that Drake made a secret voyage to the Pacific Coast of Canada in 1579, more than two hundred years before Spanish sailors or Britain's captain Cook. more...

Biological Warfare Planned by Nazis?
Did Hitler plan biological warfare against the Allies? Recently uncovered, concentration camp records indicate the Nazis were, indeed, investigating such offensive weaponry. more...

Tracking the News of the Coming Energy Revolution
By Jeane Manning
We depend on electricity to power electronics, appliances and industries. What if our source of electrons—Earth's ionosphere—gets whacked by some cataclysmic event and electrical technologies stop working?

Maybe we'd better invest in developing "magnetricity" as a backup, says materials expert, inventor, professional engineer and former rocket scientist John V. Milewski, Ph.D. Magnetic monopoles—the magnetic analogue of electrons—are abundant in the sea of energy in our galaxy. more...

The Holloman Gravel Pit Finds
By Michael Cremo
In my talk at the University of Oklahoma, in addition to mentioning cases from my book Forbidden Archeology, I mentioned a case from Oklahoma that had come to my attention after Forbidden Archeology was published. In the 1920s, A. H. Holloman discovered human artifacts and fossils of extinct animals in a gravel pit he owned near Frederick, Oklahoma. He showed some of his finds to F. G. Priestly, a local medical doctor. Priestly had recently read in Scientific American an article by Harold J. Cook about human antiquity in America. So he wrote to the editor of Scientific American, A. G. Ingalls, telling him about the discoveries in Frederick. Ingalls wrote a letter to Cook, informing him of the discoveries, thinking he might be interested in investigating them. At that time, Cook was associated with the paleontology department of the Colorado Museum of Natural History in Denver. Cook informed the director of the museum, J. D. Figgins, who expressed great interest in the discoveries. In January of 1927, Cook and Figgins went to Frederick and, accompanied by Priestly and Holloman, visited the gravel pit. They examned human artifacts, fossil animal bones, and the stratigraphy of the pit. Figgins and Cook later published the first scientific reports of the discoveries. more...

Atlantis in the Azores
Could a Newly Discovered Underwater Pyramid Resurrect an Old Hypothesis?
By Frank Joseph
Dr. David Zink (1927 -2008) was among the very few world -class scholars in the United States with personal courage enough to publicly state that Atlantis was real. His years of research at the Bimini Wall—a 1200 -foot -long, stone structure lying under 19 feet of water 55 miles east of Miami, Florida—not only established its man -made provenance, but strongly suggested an Atlantean identity. Although he persuasively argued on behalf of the Wall's original function as a harbor facility, Dr. Zink concluded that Bimini was only an outpost, not Atlantis itself. The sunken city was out of place in the Bahamas, but must lie, he believed, among the Azores. more...

Templar Treasure and the Forbidden Island
Could the Lost Trail Lead to Hawaii?
By Steven Sora
The legendary Sinclairs, of Templar and Masonic lore, have long been regarded as Lords of the Isles. At one time they controlled Europe's largest navy and, indeed, the family ruled supreme over Caithness, Scotland's northernmost territory; and, from there, its fleet kept watch on the Orkneys, their island holdings just north of Scotland. While the Orkney's might have been the first isles ruled by Sinclairs, they were by no means the last. The family history would ultimately be intwined with that of other singular islands including Madeira, Oak Island in Nova Scotia, New Zealand, and, most recently, in Hawaii with Kauai and Niihau, the so -called Forbidden Island. more...

Thoughts Through Space
A Pioneering Long Distance Telepathy Experiment Still Baffles Orthodox Science
By Brenden D. Murphy
In 1942 the remarkable though littleknown book, Thoughts Through Space, by Australian -born aviator -explorer Sir Hubert Wilkins (1888 -1958) and American author, playwright, and "sensitive" Harold Sherman (18981987), was published. It detailed the first experiment (conducted from late 1937 to early 1938) of its kind: a long -distance and long -term telepathy experiment where Wilkins, who was aiding in the aerial search for a missing Russian craft and its crew in the Arctic, would attempt to telepathically send information regarding his activities to Sherman, who, as a psychic, would attempt to receive the messages and record them. This would take place over a period of some five months. more...

The Gnostic Mysteries of Abraxas
Uncovering the Forgotten Secrets of an Enigmatic Ancient Society
By Robert Schoch, Ph.D.
In the early centuries of the Christian era, a myeterious secretive cult flourished centered on the figure of Abraxas. Little is genuinely known about this entity or his disciples, who are generally (although not necessarily) placed under the broad umbrella known as Gnosticism.

Abraxas is an obscure, hidden deity. Is this a god? Or is this an angel, an archon (ruler, lord, or princeps), an aeon (emanation from God), the demiurge (creator and maintainer of the physical universe), a daemon (daimon; a nature spirit, often benevolent), or even an honest to goodness evil demon or devil? Abraxas is an entity, a spirit, or a phantasm who continues to confuse, mystify, and evade full understanding. more...

Morphic Fields & DNA
Life on Earth Is Not Explained by Genetics Alone
We are assured by those high priests of scientism, geneticists and biochemists and biologists, that heredity is controlled solely by DNA. Genes (DNA segments) carry all the information necessary to replicate a human being, a whale, or a redwood tree. Case closed. But there are just a few small problems with this. more...

Challenging the Death Illusion
A Game -Changing Conversation with Biologist Robert Lanza
No man is an island, wrote English poet John Donne. Leading -edge biologist and geneticist Dr. Robert Lanza not only agrees, he says we're all One. Still, he lives somewhat sequestered from his fellow New Englanders— on an island not too far from his lab in Worcester, Mass. And, à la Emerson and Thoreau, he shares his 10 acres with wildlife: blue herons, swans, hawks, foxes, and racoons—even 'a fat woodchuck the size of a dog.' A bobcat has recently moved in, a welcome new neighbor, though Lanza says he could do without the beavers. From across the pond, which reflects dozens of the hundreds of trees he planted 20 years ago, the run -down red house he renovated now glistens white, with three -story towers surrounded with widow's walks and capped with copperdomed cupolas. Inside, the spacious living room's glass walls reveal Nature's splendor. Solid white walls sport museum -sized dinosaur fossils. more...

A Leading Psychiatrist on Why Some Minds Never Open
In my previous books, The Secret Tao, and 2012 & the Mayan Prophecy of Doom, I have been criticized by skeptics that the theories and evidence I cite have not yet been accepted by mainstream science. So, I think it's worth examining the question of what constitutes good science. Evidence is neither true nor false; it is the conclusions you draw from the evidence that are either true of false. Of course that depends on whom you talk to. Sometimes there is a consensus, but sometimes scientists are split. And sometimes the majority of scientists turn out to be wrong. Therein lies the difference between fact and truth. To understand this, let's go back and look at how we define errors in the scientific method. more...

Lost Tribes
The Enduring Search for the Missing Heirs of the Biblical Jacob Has Yielded Some Startling Evidence
By Patrick Marsolek
The Bnei Menashe tribe in northeastern India believe they are descended from the Menasseh tribe, one of the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel. They are one of many groups from around the world who are seeking recognition by the Jewish state, asylum, or emigration to Israel. The Bnei Menashe share an oral history of migration from the Middle East along the Silk Road to India. They have strongly rooted religious practices that are in accord with the Jewish faith. Though certainly not conclusive, genetic testing has shown that some of the female members of the tribe have DNA shared with Middle Eastern peoples. more...

The Exodus of Egyptian History
Sifting Ancient Records for the Bible Story
A growing number of academics hold that the disasters described in the Book of Exodus, which dissolved royal authority, were not normal climatic events but were part of a cosmic catastrophe that affected the whole earth; a catastrophe that rained meteor showers on the world (the hail mixed with fire) and darkened the skies with the ash of hundreds of erupting volcanoes. more...

A Question of Breeding
Darwinian Confusion and the Fossil Record
Throughout human history, human beings of an advanced type have coexisted with tribes of the lowest development, just as in today's world the sophisticated West shares the planet with peoples of Stone Age culture. Yet, according to Charles Darwin in The Descent of Man, the stronger or better "drives out its brutish ancestor... Extinction at the hands of a successor is inevitable." One species, the fittest one, preempts the "niche."

We need only look at Africa to refute this claim: for on that continent—which was the focus of twentieth century paleoanthropology—intensive excavation of the bones belonging to our "brutish ancestor," rather than revealing a neat succession of "parent" and "daughter" species, found them living together! more...

Grain and Virtue
By Julie Loar
Before telescopes astronomers def ined objects in the sky as Sun, Moon, stars. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, the five planets visible to the unaided eye, moved against the backdrop of the seemingly "f ixed" stars. Today, knowledge of our Solar System and beyond is expanding at an exponential rate, and the picture is more vast and complex than we ever imagined. Scientists now speak of a Multiverse where an infinite number of universes may exist. more...

The Designer Factor
Could Nature Be Trying to Tell Us Something We May Have Missed?
By Marsha Oaks
The very idea of a higher power, of any kind, invites many varied and intense reactions—both pro and con— and it is often hard to get past the emotion to the evidence, but here are some recent films that give it a good try.

Hosted by Brian Corsetti
This is another inspiring production from Exploration Films. Atlantis Rising has already reviewed their excellent Intelligent Design Collection: Darwin's Dilemma, The Privileged Planet, and Unlocking the Mystery of Life, a provocative collection of acclaimed films that have helped define major arguments for the theory of intelligent design. (Of course, there are those who argue that intelligent design should not be labeled a 'theory,' because it is not scientific; yet they are the same ones who state the 'facts' of evolution, which IS just a theory!) Darwin's Dilemma examines the origin of complex living organisms; Unlocking the Mystery of Life presents the case for intelligent design based upon molecular biology; and The Privileged Planet reveals how the universe and Earth are finely tuned for life. (And here, too, there are others who are disappointed in these films for another reason—they don't provide feasible answers to the 'creation mystery' because God is left out of the picture and instead embrace millions of years and a form of evolution.) The company's intention, so it has been implied, is that these are meant to be a bridge from atheism to a created world. more...
DVD 75 Min

Could It Happen to You?
A Steve Kroschel Film
This movie tells the true tale of an Alaskan wildlife filmmaker's quest to test the claims of what appears to be an outrageously simple and too -good -to -be -true healing concept (though known to ancient civilizations for thousands of years)—physical, bare skin contact with the earth. New research has begun to confirm the unexpected, that the surface of the earth has healing power, like a gigantic treatment table. Kroschel introduced this concept to his fellow townsmen in Haines, Alaska (population 1,700), many of whom suffered from major pain or disabling conditions. Starting with his own pain relief, he witnessed and filmed a surprising and miraculous healing in the town generated by simply grounding people to the earth; that is, reconnecting them to the earth's healing energy. more...
DVD 74 Min.

Creation or Evolution?
Andre Van Heerden, Writer & Director
Dinosaurs are often used to discredit the Bible, so what if their existence actually helps prove its veracity? That's the intention of this documentary as it claims to answer these and other questions that surround this controversial theory according to their young earth perspective. more...
DVD 84 Min.

Minds: Open & Otherwise

Open Minds and Deep Time
Vytenis (Vyto) Babrauskas, Ph.D. -Issaquah, WA

Born Again Fortean
Greg May -Orlando, FL

Vindicating Churchward
Ron Franzen -Kitchener, Ont, CN

'Secrets of Electricity'
J.W. Pavlic -Wadsworth, OH

Continental Squeezing
Sylvia Dailey -Farmington, NM