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Holy Grail Found Say Researchers
Is the search for the Holy Grail finally over? A pair of Spanish researchers say yes. In a new book, Margarita Torres and Jose Ortega del Rio report that the chalice revered by early Christians as the cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper is the bejeweled onyx vessel now on display in a basilica in Leon, Spain. It has been there since the eleventh century. more...

Has a Satellite Camera Snapped the Loch Ness Monster?
Apple Maps the satellite photography service of Apple Computer may have taken the first actual picture of the Loch Ness Monster. A scottish social worker Andrew Dixon, discovered the image accidently while exploring satellite imagery on his computer. The photo went to a local Nessie research club and to the British Independent Newspaper. more...

Actual Fairy Photos Claimed by British Professor
Fairies -long claimed by seers and occultists as part of the subtle natural world - are not just imaginary, but real, says a profes - sor at Manchester's Metropolitan University in England, and he has the photos to prove it. According to the Manchester Evening News, lecturer John Hyatt, 53, has man - aged to capture images of several of the tiny mythical creatures flit - ting about the Rossendale Valley. more...

U.S. Navy Makes Fuel from Seawater
Fuel from seawater is an old dream and now it appears to have finally arrived. No less an authority than the U.S. Navy reports thatitknowshowtodoit,anditisonlya matter of time till U.S. ships will be running on liquid hydrocarbon fuel made on board from the ocean's abundant salty water, and they will be able to do so using their existing engines. Costs are expected to be relatively low. more...

Could Noah's Ark Have Floated?
Thanks to the current Hollywood block - buster, Noah, starring Russell Crowe, there is a great deal of interest in the topic of Noah's ark. Some researchers are now finding it worthwhile to investigate aspects of the story which once were reserved for cartoons and jokes. more...

Scientists Make Climate Change with Lasers
Could weather be the next conquest for scientists bent on controlling mother nature? According to researchers at the University of Central Florida Col - lege of Optics and Photonics, it may soon be possible to use high -energy laser beams to make clouds produce rain or lightning on demand. The trick is said to surround one laser beam with another to act as a kind of energy reservoir. This should make it possible to trigger the static charged particles in clouds to re - lease a shower as needed. more...

Hammer Hits Orthodox Science
The online science web site TheEp - has taken up the challenge of 'ooparts' (out -of -place artifacts). In April they carried a report on the so -called London Hammer, a man -made artifact, found, encased in stone, in London, Texas in 1934. The stone is said, by the object's owner Carl Baugh, to be a hundred million years old, which he says he has verified with the Battelle Laboratory in Columbus, Ohio. Writer Tara Macisaac seems to side with those who think the arti - fact to be some kind of creationist hoax. The mystery, however, is not likely to be so easily dismissed. more...

Ancient Egyptian 'Machine' Disk Is Still Baffling Experts
New interest in the so -called Schist Disk (also known as the tri -lobed disk) housed in the Cairo Museum is arousing morequestions than answers about the level of sophis - tication for ancient Egyptian technology. Recovered in 1936 from the tomb of Sabu in Sakkara, the object looks more like a machine part than any mere decoration. Unanswered questions about it include: what was it for; how it was made; was it some kind of a wheel; and more? Answering any of those question puts severe strain on conventional archaeol - ogy. The Egyptians of 3000 BC are not be - lieved to have had complex machines; to have had only stone and copper tools; and to have had no knowledge of the wheel. more...

Explaining that Odd Light on Mars
Has NASA seen the light? While we can't say for sure, we can say that a recent photo taken by the Mars rover appears to show a light on the horizon. Could it be a sign of life, perhaps the intelligent variety? more...

Tracking the News of the Coming Energy Revolution
By Jeane Manning
Ten years ago my favorite column in Atlantis Rising magazine was 'The New Heretic,' by Eugene Mallove, Ph.D. I also looked forward to editorials in his technical magazine, Infinite Energy. His eloquence, credentials, and enthusiasm opened doors for the cold fusion community. At various meetings I'd enjoyed his irreverent sense of humor, and when I telephoned to check facts he generously gave me insights. more...

The Happisburgh Footprints
By Michael Cremo
Adriano Forgione, the editor of FENIX, an Italian alternative science magazine, recently wrote me a letter, asking me what I thought about the Happisburgh footprints. Actually, since they were first announced early this year, many people have been sending me links to articles about the footprints in the popular press. So for me the first step was to track down the original scientific publication. In this case it was a paper by Nick Ashton and eleven coauthors, titled 'Hominin footprints from the Early Pleistocene deposits of Happisburgh, UK,' published in February 2014 in the online scientific journal PLoS ONE (vol.9, issue 2). Having studied the report, I will tell you what I learned and what I think. more...

Archetypes of Aliens
How Ancient Information Spread and Was Passed Down to Us
By Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman
Every year, we outsource jobs to other friendly countries in the hopes of getting inexpensive labor and increasing our technological footprint. What we cannot do ourselves, we often look to others to do. Even ancient civilizations had to appreciate the need to utilize external resources when internal ones didn't quite cut the mustard. When it comes to the spread of ideas, innovations, and information, though, many theorists, whether historians, archaeologists or researchers, believe that we may have gotten a little help with advancing our knowledge, science, and technology from our friends, only not in other countries...but on other planets. more...

Ancient Wanderers
How Science Has Lost Track of the Story
By William B. Stoecker
As if following the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, today, people of every ethnic group, speaking every language, live all over the world. People of European ancestry, and English speakers, live on every continent, as do people of Asian ancestry and those whose ancestors came from Africa. In historical times huge numbers of people migrated from the Old World to the New, and American pioneers trekked westward in their covered wagons. Europeans settled in South Africa, arriving at the southern end of the continent by sea at about the time the Bantu -speaking Africans arrived from the north. Various Germanic tribes migrated into the decaying Roman Empire, as did the fearsome Huns from Western Asia, forerunners of the even more fearsome Mongols. As we go back in time, even during the time of recorded history, the picture becomes blurred, although we know that people wandered and migrated even then. We know little about the mysterious Sea People of the eastern Mediterranean, or the Hyksos (probably including the early Israelites) who entered Egypt. But even before recorded history, people were leaving their homes and resettling far, far away. Conventional archaeologists and anthropologists assure us that Man 'evolved' in Africa and migrated to Eurasia and beyond; many of us have serious doubts about this model. Conventional thinkers also tell us that Amerindians are descended from people who migrated from Asia across Beringia; this is probably an oversimplif ication, and the migrations may have been carried out by early seafarers. more...

Chinese Romans?
Some Old Soldiers Can Never Go Home
By Steven Sora
Bordering the Gobi Desert in China is the small village of Zhelaizhai. The residents claim they are descended from a Roman legion defeated by the Parthians two thousand years before. Not only is there physical eveidence that they may be right, but recent DNA testing backs up their claims. more...

Maps From Before History
It Took 'Impossible' knowledge to Create Mysterious Medieval Maps
By Martin Ruggles
For seafaerers of the late thirteenth century there was no GPS, no radar, no sonar. Getting where you wanted to go depended on the skill and experienceto say nothing of daringof your ships pilot. In addition, such travel often required the use of highly prozed navigational charts known as 'portolans', which provided the direction and distance to various ports in the Mediterranean. more...

Scent of a Dinosaur
Following the Trail of a Major Scientific Embarrassment
By Stephen Robbins, Ph.D.
Something strange has been happening in Dino -World. Something disconcerting. It started in 2000 on the dusty plains near Hell Creek, Montana, in a layer of earth deemed to be 65 million years old, when a large female T.rex skeleton was discovered. Ms. T.rex —or perhaps Mrs. T.Rex as she turned out to be pregnantappeared to be another gift for the standard story of dinosaur history. But the gift unexpectedly turned out to be in a box from Pandora herself. As I described earlier ('The Strange Chaos of the Dating System,' AR #70), because the intact, 3.5 -foot -long femur was so large and heavy (3000 lbs.), it had to be broken in half to be lifted out by helicopter. Some fragments of the freshly broken bone were sent to Dr. Mary Schweitzer at North Carolina State. more...

Near -Death Experiences Before Moody
Vivid Recollections of Life After Death Are Not a New Thing
By Michael Tymn
It has been nearly 40 years since Raymond Moody, a young Georgia psychiatrist, popularized the near -death experience (NDE) in his 1975 best seller, Life After Life. The book highlighted his research among people who had 'died' and then returned to life to report on various mystical experiences during the period they were 'dead.' Hundreds, if not thousands, of credible cases have been reported by other respected researchers since Moody's book was published. more...

The Roots of Kahunaism
Is this the Legacy of Ancient Egyptian Magic?
By Robert Schoch, Ph.D.
Max Freedom Long (1890 – 1971) was a man of many talents. Teacher, photographer, novelist, and researcher of psychic phenomena, Long is perhaps best known for his studies of the religion and metaphysics of the ancient Hawaiians.

I came upon the work of Max Freedom Long while pursuing background research for The Parapsychology Revolution (an anthology published in 2008). I digested Long's first book, Recovering the Ancient Magic (1936), in which he discusses various psychic phenomena (including telepathy, foreseeing the future, f ire -walking, healing by nonconventional means, and so forth) in relationship to indigenous Hawaiian beliefs and practices as carried and out and perpetuated by the native magicians, known as kahunas or 'Keepers of the Secret' (a phrase Long used in his 1948 book The Secret Science Behind Miracles). Long's basic contention was that the 'Kahuna School of Magic' is the only 'workable and socially helpful magic' (1936, p. 194) that is currently available to the average person. more...

Crime in the Great Pyramid
By Scott Creighton
It is an issue that has been hotly debated for decades, if not longer. In 1837 Colonel Richard William Howard-Vyse, with the help of some gunpowder archaeology, blasted his way into some hitherto unknown chambers of the Great Pyramid and found therein numerous painted 'quarry markings.' more...

Rewriting the History Books
A Rapid Succession of New Technologies Is Now Seriously Testing Much Conventional Wisdom
By Frank Joseph
The quickening pace of technological development in all scientific fields has not spared archaeology. A rapid succession of new methodologies, particularly in computers and genetics, is unwinding in a seemingly endless roll call of fresh discoveries, too many, in fact, for most observers to keep track. Not a few of these recent finds are seriously undermining textbook versions of the past which generations have believed were incontrovertible. more...

The Multiverse Consideration
Where Science and Science Fiction Get Together
By Patrick Marsolek
The idea of parallel universes captures our imagination. Maybe it's the appeal of imagining another world where we made choices in our lives and we could be living with drastically different consequences. Have you ever had the feeling that you were making an important decision, where depending if you said 'Yes' or 'No' your life might continue in very different directions? Perhaps at that moment, your life split into two parallel universes, like in the movie 'Sliding Doors' more...

Shouldn't the Moon Have a Name?
All the Other Moons Have Names. Why Not Ours?
By Julie Loar
There are 166 known moons in our Solar System and our Moon is the fifth largest. Mercury and Venus are the only planets without satellites, likely due to their proximity to the Sun's gravity. If moons orbiting dwarf planets, TransNeptunian Objects, Trojan moons, and asteroids are included, the number rises to 336. Another 150 small objects have been observed inside Saturn's rings, and Saturn's moon Rhea is thought to have a moon of its own. The number of moons and moonlets continues to grow as technology improves our ability to detect them. more...

Remote Viewing for the Truth
At Least One Investigative Tactic Cannot Be Blocked by Vested Interests
By Marsha Oaks
As many wonder whether or not it is possible to get to the bottom of reality on planet Earth, one group of researchers is proposing the use of a controversial intelligence strategy developed by the U.S. military. Known as 'remote viewing,' the method has attracted great public attention for years. All three of the DVDs featured here employ this method as an investigative tool to explore several vexing, but important, mysteries. As you will see, their results are startling.

The Mystery Solved
Farsight Institute
This is another Farsight presentation (we did a previous review of their DVD 'Farsight Experiments' in Issue #103), this time on solving the mystery of the Great Pyramid. Many readers of Atlantis Rising now suspect that very little of what people learned in school about the origins of the Great Pyramid is correct. It's also known as the Pyramid of Khufu, or alternately, the Cheops Pyramid, which is totally off the mark, according to more enlightened researchers. (For Zecharia Sitchin fans, his research, which he covers in his book Stairway to Heaven, and elsewhere, gives a good argument that the Khufu/Cheops claim is wrong!) Whether or not the Farsight remote viewers have come upon the 'real thing,' you can decide for yourself after your viewing of this DVD. more...

ATLANTIS: The True Story
Farsight Institute
This is a remote -viewing investigation of a defunct, technologically advanced human civilization that once existed in the ancient past on Earth. Courtney Brown (of Farsight) relates that they sometimes refer to this project as the 'Atlantis Project' but that no attempt is made here to connect this project to any contemporary views relating to Atlantis mythology. Here, the word 'Atlantis' is used only to represent the idea of a technologically -advanced, human civilization that once existed in the ancient past on Earth. Their findings suggest that this civilization did in fact destroy itself in a cataclysm that resulted from the misuse of its own science. more...

A Journey Through Matter into Consciousness — A Remote Viewer Perceives the Higgs -Boson Event
Produced by Dick Allgire
This DVD documents one of the best remote -viewing sessions ever produced. Hitomi demonstrated a remarkable ability to see, sketch, and describe things that were physically distant, without any foreknowledge of the target.

During her advanced training she was given a blind tasking, the creation of the Higgs -Boson subatomic reaction, the so -called 'God Particle.' She had no way of consciously knowing that this was the target. She went into a room alone and worked for hours, assembling more than 40 pages of sketches and descriptions. What she produced is astounding. more...


Reality -Check Time

The Death Illusion
Pat Alexander -Sacramento, CA

Pathological Skepticism
Tom Batorski -Angola NY

The Shroud
Ray Daly -Lincoln, NE

Giza, Gobekli Tepe, and the Bible
David Wright -Walnut Creek, CA

The Fallen Angel Enigma
Greg May -Orlando, FL

Pythagoras and the Bean Stalk
Jane Vinson -Tucson, AZ