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Issue 110 - PDF Download

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The Adventures of Digital Reading
From Editor, J. Douglas Kenyon

In our last issue (#109) I used this space to make the point that unlike many publications appearing on the Internet, "Atlantis Rising" is also a paper-and-ink magazine available since 1994. You can find it on magazine stands, in most major chain bookstores, and in many independent stores. I should not drop the subject, though, without adding that we have a significant presence in digital form as well. On most mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, or Google Android) "Atlantis Rising" is available through one of our free apps, enabling you to buy single issues (over 50 are currently available) and to subscribe for a year. (One point to clarify: print and digital subscriptions are independent from each other and go through separate payment systems and; at this point, we are unable to convert between them, or to offer credit, from one toward the other.)

The latest version of the mobile app allows you to quickly shuffle through a stack of back issues, or to quickly scroll through our covers in a grid view. Navigating through the magazine itself is a breeze, where a mere touch takes you immediately to the content you seek. Our high-resolution, brilliant-color pages appear at their best, and with a simple pinch gesture you can quickly expand or reduce any item to your satisfaction. Clipping items for friends on Facebook is a snap. And everything is, of course, fully searchable.

For those who haven't yet acquired a tablet device of some sort, and who like to read on their desk or laptop, "Atlantis Rising" is available, on an issue-by-issue basis, for download in PDF form directly from our online store at Many of the handy navigation features available in our mobile device editions are also available in our PDFs. Currently, our online store offers back issues all the way back to #26. That means over 80 are available. For those seeking something more tangible than downloads, but lacking the space to maintain a full paper and ink library, we also offer our PDFs on annually produced CDs. An entire set makes up 13 discs.

Another advantage to getting your "Atlantis Rising" content in digital form is early release. Generally our digital editions are available as much as two weeks before the printed version. Despite the many advantages of digital media, though, we want to stress that we fully appreciate that, for many readers, there is still no substitute for the printed page, and we have no plans to discontinue our printed edition. In fact, as we indicated in our last publisher's letter, in the coming months and years we look forward to significant growth in the distribution of our printed version both on newsstands and to subscribers.

To find our app for your device search your store for Atlantis Rising Magazine, or go to and click on "PDFs."

Methane on Mars After All
There is methane on Mars, after all. Here on Earth methane is usually, but not always, a sign of biological processes—in other words, life. Other things, primarily geological processes, can also produce the gas, so NASA scientists are not yet ready to declare they have found evidence for life on Mars. They are getting interested though. more...

Researchers Say 'Jesus Was Married'
As millions now know, the notion that Jesus was unmarried, is no longer without controversy. Despite the outraged cries of orthodoxy, books such as Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code (and the subsequent movie), Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and many others, have intro- duced the public to a narrative concerning the life of Jesus, very distinct from tradition. In 2012, Karen L. King, a Harvard University professor, introduced a fourth-century papyrus fragment which said that Jesus had a wife, and now The Lost Gospel, a new book by Israeli-Canadian writer Simcha Jacobovici and York University Professor Barrie Wilson, claims to have discovered new evidence, not only that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married but that they produced two sons. more...

Many who speculate about the existence of a forgotten civilization wonder if such a world might have left a secret record of itself which we might someday find. It is said by some that ancient Atlantis left a Hall of Records and the search for it continues to this day. The existence of an extensive record left by one advanced civilization for another in the distant future may seem plausible because of our continuing habit of leaving time capsules for future archaeologists to uncover. more...

Greatest Baalbek Megalith Found
In November, British researcher Graham Hancock, the best selling author of Fingerprints of the Gods and many other important works on lost ancient civilizations, reported on his website ( that another massive megalith has been discovered in Lebanon's Baalbek quarry. Weighing an astonishing 1650 tons, the single stone block is 19.6 meters (over 65 feet) long, 6 meters wide and at least 5.5 meters high, making it significantly larger than either of two previously discovered blocks in the quarry. more...

Very Advanced Ancient Chinese Technology
Nearly four millennia ago, Chinese craftsmen were able to control temperatures of over 1,000 degrees Celsius (1,832 degrees Fahrenheit). Recent discoveries in the Erlitou area of western China, now reveal the birthplace of a pottery-making technology superior to anything seen in Europe before the seventeenth century. more...

Han Purple and the Quantum Physics Puzzle
A color pigment produced during ancient China's Han dynasty has been shown to have strange properties, which some believe, could help us better understand quantum physics. more...

Nazca Underfoot
For an organization committed to fighting global warming and other environmental causes, Greenpeace sure knows how to step in it. In December, following a publicity stunt gone awry on Peru's famed Nazca Plain, the environmental champions were forced to issue a public apology. In misdirected zeal, the group had rolled out a gigantic banner next to the famous hummingbird glyph. The idea was to influence UN negotiators meeting in Lima. To say that the effort backfired would be an understatement. more...

Entire Planet Ravaged by the 'Little Ice Age'
Thanks to a new study in a Tierra del Fuego peat bog, one of the greatest disputes in the ongoing debate over global warming may be closer to resolution. more...

Free Energy...Gravity Control...Alternative Science...
Ezekiel's Wheel and Other Cutting-Edge Developments
Jerry Decker
George Wiseman of Eagle Research ( seems pretty excited about this. Did God show Ezekiel how to build a free energy machine? Could this technology, built by a retired boilermaker and now rusting away in a farmer's field, be a world changing power source? It supposedly output 35 hp and the testing engineers damaged it by using wedges to stop it. We don't know why it was never repaired... more...

The Buenos Aires Skull
By Michael Cremo
In 1896, workers were excavating the rudder pit of a dry dock in the port of Buenos Aires. They broke through a hard layer of limestone rock (called tosca). Beneath the tosca was a layer of quartz sand, and below that was a layer of gray clay, in which a human skull was found. This was about 11 meters (36 feet) below the bed of the river La Plata. The workman gave the skull to their supervisor, Mr Junor, who brought it to the attention of Edward Marsh Simpson, an engineer working for the English company that had the contract to excavate the dry dock. Simpson informed the Argentine archaeologist Florentino Ameghino about the discovery. The discovery (including the above-mentioned details) was announced to the scientific world in a lengthy report by Ameghino (1909). The details of the discovery can also be found in a report by the American anthropologist Ales Hrdlicka (1912, pp. 318-319), who came to Argentina to investigate the case. more...

Debate Over the True Home of the Hebrew Lawgiver Still Rages

It's not well known that during the last years of his life, the face of the iconic prophet Moses was covered by a mask. At his first encounter with his Maker: "Moses hid his face; for he was afraid to look upon God" (Exodus 3:6). It was a natural reaction. The people of Israel lived in terror of direct contact with God, believing that the mere sight of Him would bring immediate death. They'd been warned, " shall not see Me and live" (Exodus 33:20). Moses became the exception. He alone was permitted to face the Almighty and live. The tribe was shocked and frightened by the prophet's dramatic transformation after these encounters when "...the skin of his face shone" (Exodus 34:29). more...

In the Beginning Was The Word
Were Human Speaking Skills Learned from Higher Powers?
By William B. Stoecker
What is the origin of human speech? Did it evolve gradually from the much simpler languages of animals, or was it given to us all at once by our Creator? Was there originally just one language that gradually split into many as people wandered off to form new tribes and nations in new regions? The Bible claims that there was only one language for all of humanity (and one origin for our species) until the time of the Tower of Babel. Similar myths are found in other belief systems. Is much of our language "hard-wired" into our minds, or do we inherit merely the potential for learning languages? more...

A Solar-Induced Dark Age?
Disturbing Evidence from Ancient Bulgaria
By Robert Schoch, Ph.D.
Bulgaria has a rich archaeology going back to deep antiquity which, in my assessment, is very much under-appreciated by the world at large. Here, in the Balkan crossroads, lie clues to the early history of civilization and the development of modern culture. I became deeply fascinated by the riches that Bulgaria has to offer on my first trip to the country in July 2014 (see Atlantis Rising #108, Nov.-Dec. 2014). Consequently, I was thrilled when this past November (2014) I had the opportunity to return to Bulgaria to explore further, this time in the company of my colleagues Dr. Histro Smolenov and Mr. Rolf Schlotterer. Specifically, we studied the famous Varna gold and also visited the Neolithic remains discovered at Stara Zagora. While in Varna, I spoke at the Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy where I was awarded the title of Honorary Professor, a recognition that is incredibly meaningful to me. more...

Life from the Sun?
Reviving the Ancient Case for Heliocentricity
By Paul V. Young
When NASA revealed, in 2012, that it had identified something called 'X-Points,' as portals linking in an uninterrupted path the magnetic field of our planet to that of the sun, there was little coverage in the mainstream media. A year later when Russian physicist Vladimir Dzhunushaliev and his colleagues postulated that there were wormholes connecting our sun to other stars in the galaxy, it likewise gained scant attention. During the same period, though, newspaper reports of UFOs approaching the sun, followed by a flurry of YouTube videos during 2013/2014 featuring strange activities around the solar rim, became more frequent. While all acknowledge that life on Earth could not exist without the Sun's light and warmth, most consider it strictly a giant ball of fire with no solid surface—one very hostile to any life form that gets too close. But could we be on the verge of exposing a previously unsuspected 'secret life of the sun?' more...

Physics with a Twist
Understanding Torsion and the Mystery of Consciousness
By Brenden D. Murphy
The first research generally credited with the discovery of what some have called nature's "fifth force" —- torsion —- was that done in the late 1800s by Russian professor N.P. Myshkin (D.G. Yurth, Torsion Field Mechanics). more...

33 The Magic Number
Why Is This Number So Important to So Many?
By Steven Sora
Since the ost ancient of times numbers andnumerology have been belived to conceal significance, with the ability to conceal true meaning from all but the initiated. To some, certain numbers can convey that something of particular importance lies within the text under their study. Such numbers needn't even be written to convey the presence of a hidden code within a sentence or paragraph, only that the sum of letters included adds up to a particular number. more...

Exploring Indonesia's Bada Valley
Far from the View of All butthe Most Determined Traveler Is One of the Planet's Most Mysterious Locales
By David H. Childress
There are actually threemain valleys in Indonesia that contain strange megaliths, the Bada, Napu, and Besoa. The latter two were even more remote than the former, but all are part of the Lore Lindu National Park. The valleys contain dozens of finely carved megaliths in the forms of statues and jars, and current residents are as mystified over who made them as are archaeologists.The megaliths are thought by locals and Indonesian archaeologists to be at least 6,000 years old, though most estimates range from 5,000 to 1,500 years. more...

Ancient Recordings?
Could a Lost Akashic FieldNow Provide Us With a Replay?
By Patrick Marsolek
The Akashic Field is a metaphysical library which exists outside of time and space. It is thought to be a universal record of everything that has ever happened, a kind of database that a clairvoyant or a mystic could access for healing, vision, or understanding. The idea of an Akashic Field is popular in spiritual and New Age thought as an explanation for intuitive information and spiritual insight. This concept has long been ridiculed by materialistic science, since there is no conceivable way that such a thing could exist in a strictly physical world, or that humans could access it. At the same time, our evolving understanding of quantum physics has led scientists towards hypothesizing a pervasive, universe-wide field of energy and information. The quantum vac- uum and zero point energy could be the source out of which everything in the physi- cal world arises and returns. Many scientists acknowledge the existence of a quantum field, yet most believe it is not at all accessible to the human consciousness. Yet, a universal quantum field sounds strikingly similar to the Akashic field. Ervin Laszlo, a philosopher of science and a systems theorist, convincingly argues that they are one and the same. The existence of an Akashic field, or A-field, as he calls it, might give us a unifying theory that would finally bring together objective science and the consciousness that perceives it. more...

The Interdimensional Threat
Understanding the Demonic Factor in Crime
By Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D.
After the Vietnam War, America experienced a wave of pointless, ran- dom acts of violence, "stranger murders," which had all the experts stumped; it was the lack of motive that threw them for a loop. Evidently some unknown factor was at play. It was not only the detectives who could not find a motive; it was the killers themselves. Hence came the element of 'compulsion' to the drawing board—as well as the long - tabooed question of demonology. These "maybes" have been on the table for more than 40 years now. In the eighties, the DSM (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)— the psychiatric bible — began f lirting with labels like "trance/possession disorder," under the weight of a growing number of possession - like cases in the U.S. and Canada. more...

Copper Mining in Ancient America
Primitive or Industrial?
By Frank Joseph
Among the greatest mysteries of the past is also one of the least known. Although archaeologists have been familiar with prehistoric copper mining at the Great Lakes since the mid-nineteenth century, they have always been reluctant to publicly discuss this enigma, because it suggests overseas' impact on ancient America, thereby contradicting their unswerving belief in Christopher Columbus as the sole discoverer of our continent. They are unable to account for 223,215 or more tons of copper excavated from five thousand pit-mines, mostly at Michigan's Upper Peninsula, beginning around 7,500 years ago. more...

The Power of Myth
Another Reason Astrology Works
By Julie Loar
In our time myth is considered to be likea fairy tale or a fictional flight of fancy,but in ages past myth was a means for describing profound truths in ways that could be recognized and remembered. Myths are carefully crafted stories intended to transmit timeless truths through symbols, metaphors, and archetypes. Linguistically the word "myth" equates with "mouth" and carries the meaning of orally transmitted stories. more...

Uncovering Hitler's Last Days
A New Film Aims to Prove What Many Researchers Have Long Suspected
By Marsha Oaks
From Argentina to the inner precincts of the mind, this issues's DVD offerings cover considerable ground, but we think you will find the journey worth your attention. more... HITLER'S ESCAPE TOARGENTINA:
Shocking Proof that Hitler Did Not Die in the Bunker!

We are all taught that the Red Army surrounded Berlin and that, faced with capture by the Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler and his new wife Eva Braun (Hitler) committed suicide in the Führerbunker. This DVD says, "Don't believe it!" Josef Stalin knew better, as did most of the world leaders of the time. Stalin even made a great fuss about Hitler's escape in statements he made in July of 1945—more than two months after the alleged suicide. The OSS and FBI files clearly state that they and the United States Government knew that Hitler did not die in Berlin. The files of a Spanish spy who worked for the Reich and saw Hitler and Braun forcibly drugged and removed from the Führerbunker under orders of Martin Bormann reveals that Hitler's suicide was a well conceived escape plan by the man who desperately had to keep the Reich, and thereby Hitler, alive—Martin Bormann. more...


The Peak Experience
Colin Wilson
This DVD is basically a discussion between Colin Wilson and Philip Gardiner on Colin's life's work. It was filmed a few years before Wilson's passing in December 2013. Considered a legend in his own time, he has influenced countless films and had movies made of his novels. His fame came in 1956, with the publication of his book, The Outsider. By the late 1960s, Wilson had become increasingly interested in metaphysical and occult themes, and in 1971, published The Occult: A History, featuring his takes on George Gurdjieff, Aleister Crowley, Helena Blavatsky, Kabbalah, primitive magic, and Daniel Dunglas Home (among others). He also wrote a markedly unsympathetic biography of Crowley, Aleister Crowley: The Nature of the Beast, and has written biographies on other spiritual and psychological visionaries, including Carl Jung, Wilhelm Reich, Rudolf Steiner, and P. D. Ouspensky. more...


A New Vision of Nature
Simon G. Powell
This is Powell's radical new perspective on the meaning and significance of life—his concept of "natural intelligence" (not to be confused with "intelligent design"). The underlying premise is that our current definitions of what life is, and what evolution represents, fall short of the mark and do Nature a major disservice. Rather than seeing the evolution of life as a dumb process, Powell proposes that evolution is a naturally smart process in which naturally smart systems of 'bio-logic' are gradually woven into existence. more...


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