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Has the Kepler Space Telescope Detected an Alien Megastructure?
In the Atlantis Rising cover story for November/December (#114) "Is Anybody Home?", we reported on an imminent acceleration in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). But the case for advanced ET Life could be developing even faster than we projected. Recent findings from the exo-planet-hunting Kepler Space Telescope are raising the possibility of an alien civilization capable of engineering accomplishments almost beyond meager human comprehension.    more...

Martian Castaway Heats Up Plans for a Red Planet Colony
Since long before Robinson Crusoe, the plight of a solitary castaway in an alien environment has been the stuff of great entertainment, and apparently the theme still works. Tom Hanks' desert island survival story of 2000, Cast Away, is a recent example, but right now Mars is hot, at least in the news, and in The Martian, the story of an astronaut mistakenly left for dead, who must fight for survival all by himself, stimulates the current imagination in a big way. The late-summer box office hit, starring Matt Damon,took millions of earthlings to Mars in both 2D and 3D. In its first weekend, in theaters, The Martian grossed an astounding $55 million.    more...

'200,000-Year-Old' Civilization Said Found in Africa
According to a story appearing on the web site, researchers have discovered very extensive, and previously unexplored, ruins near Maputo in South Africa that seem to indicate the existence of civilization as long as 200,000 years ago. Early reports describe vast communal areas covering around a thousand square miles. Aerial photos clearly show many complex stone structures, largely circular in nature, which had previously gone unnoticed.    more...

The Disappearing Drones Are Coming?
The latest thing in military weaponry is flying-drone technology. In fact, it is already presenting growing challenges to our privacy and safety. For those who would like drones to just go away, the good news is, so would the people at the Pentagon.    more...

Source for "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" Called into Question
The fragment of an ancient papyrus known as the Gospel of Jesus' Wife, remains controversial. First made public in 2012 by Harvard professor Karen King, the credit-card-sized document has been offered as evidence that at least some of the early followers of Jesus believed he was married. The Aramaic text includes the words attributed to Jesus: "my wife", as well as a reference to Mary Magdalene, who many believe was indeed Jesus' wife.The claim -- hotly denied by orthodoxy -- that the two were married, was a central theme in the best-selling book, and subsequentmovie The Da Vinci Code.    more...

Russians Unearth Unexpained Ancient Disks
Bloknot, a Russian news service, reported in September that more than a dozen large, perfectly-round, stone disks have been excavated in the Volgograd region. One disk is over 7 feet in diameter. According to Kosmopoisk, the group of Russian UFOlogy and Crytozoology investigators who discovered them, the discs contain tungsten, which, it is speculated, might indicate a military use.    more...

First Americans Came from Europe
A prominent American paleontologist is leading the latest charge to do away for good with the outdated Clovis theory of human origins in the Americas. Dr. Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian museum in Washington, D.C., believes instead of looking for ancestors from the Pacific Northwest who may have crossed a land bridge from Asia about 11,000 years ago, we should be looking for Europeans much further back. Twenty-two thousand years ago, Stanford explained to Popular Archaeology Magazine in a recent interview, a people we now call the Solutreans, crossed the Atlantic from Eastern France, and left a trail of artifacts that we have just begun seriously to follow. Some items, like amastodon bone found in Chesapeake Baynear Washington, inscribed with the simple image of a mastodon, can be carbon dated to 20,000 years BC.    more...

High IQ anda Big Brain: Is there a Connection?
Does size matter? The age-old question has gotten some new scientific scrutiny lately, and the answer is: maybe a little bit. We are talking, of course, about the relationship between IQ and brain size. The issue has been hotly debated for at least the last two centuries with materialists arguing that the size of the brain is the main thing that sets humans apart from animals. Researchers with large crania have apparently been partial to the idea. A new study, however, looked closely at about 8,000 participants and discovered if there is any relationship, it is very small.    more...

Hy-Brazil Riddle Still Unsolved
Atlantis is not the only legendary land said to be in the Atlantic Ocean. Whether mythical or real, a strange island off the west coast of Ireland, referred to on ancient maps as Hy-Brazil, draws attention to this day. In October, 2015, the website The Epoch took note of a 1570 map naming the Island of "Brasil." Another map by Abraham Ortelius in 1572 shows Brasil. In "Worlds Without End" (Atlantis Rising #114), writer William Stoecker mentioned the island, "There is the old legend of Hy Brasil, an island located a few hundred miles west of Ireland that may or may not have given its name to the country of Brazil, depending on which account you read."    more...

Free Energy...Gravity Control...Alternative Science...
Hearing Without Ears: The Neurophone Mystery
'Sound is the medicine of the future.' -Edgar Cayce

By Jerry Decker
Some readers may remember my friend Patrick Flanagan's Neurophone that modulates the nervous system so you can 'hear with-out ears.' There were many strange reports in its time, one being that a person using a Neurophone to listen to music could simply touch another person and that person could then hear the same music. Now, we are told, it is possible to transmit datat hrough your body and into your personal gadgets, without wires, just a skin contact.    more...

Knowledge Filtration Is Alive and Well in Africa

By Michael Cremo
In my book Forbidden Archeology, I documented evidence for extreme human antiquity. Most scientists today claim that humans like us first appeared less than 200,000 years ago, and they claim that all the archaeological evidence supports their claim. But if we look at the whole history of archaeology, we find many cases of archaeologists and geologists reporting discoveries of human bones, human artifacts, and human foot-prints older than 200,000 years, sometimes much older. Many of these cases are from the latter part of the nineteenth century. There is a reason for that.    more...

The Startling Debut of Superhenge
Newly Discovered Ruins Dwarf the Ancient Site We Thought We Knew

Late in the summer of 2015, ground-penetrating radar (GPR) operators made what could be British archaeology's greatest discovery. GPR is a geophysical method that uses electronic pulses to identify hard objects beneath the surface of the earth. Electromagnetic radiation in the microwave band (UHF/VHF frequencies) of the radio spectrum detects reflected signals from subsurface structures, converting them into detailed images, virtual photographs taken of buried objects with radar.    more...

The Ciphers of the Initiated
Uncovering Secrets Not Intended for Our Eyes

The quest for lost secret knowledge can take many forms. The survivors of Atlantis, some believe, might have taken steps to guard their advanced knowledge against the dark ages whicht hey saw coming, preserving it for rediscovery by some future, similarly advanced, society. Their knowledge, it has been speculated, could have been preserved in well hidden archives. Edgar Cayce, the renowned sleeping prophet of VirginiaBeach, VA predicted we would find more than one 'Hall of Records',    more...

Journey to Akakor
The Search for Brazil's Fabled Lost City

In my book Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of South America (1986), I wrote about a strange character named Tatunca Nara and his claim of a lost city deep in the Amazon jungle called Akakor. Most of the information came from a book published in German and English in 1977 called The Chronicle of Akakor by Karl Brugger, a German journalist living in Brazil.    more...

The Once and Future King
Did Arthur Have a Great Secret?

Walter Kayo sat at his desk in the scriptorium, the cold chill of winter half broken by a flickering fire in the hearth. The velum page before him was still not finished, yet already his eyes felt heavy and refused to focus. As he dipped his quill to begin the final paragraph there was a commotion outside, accompanied by the tramp of heavy boots. Three burly men strode in bearing armor and arms, their white mantles emblazoned with large splayed red crosses. They introduced themselves as being ambassadors of King Baldwin of Jerusalem and deposited a large manuscript on his desk.    more...

Creation By the Numbers
If You Do the Math, the Facts Are Irrefutable

Mystics and magicians have always believed that numbers have, in and of themselves, certain characteristics and powers. The belief that repeating a chant or spell or a ritual a certain number of times makes it effective is very old and very widespread. Of course, even to modern materialistic scientists, it is obvious that certain numbers are important -- mathematical constants like pi and epsilon (the constant for natural logarithms), and physical ones, like Planck's Constant and the Gravitational Constant. The belief that numbers may have mystical powers seems absurd to materialists, but if the universe is a great thought, a great mind, they may be very significant indeed. Some of the numbers believed by many to have particular significance are three, seven, nine, eleven and its multiples (especially thirty three), and thirteen.    more...

Thomas Jefferson and the Holy Grail
The Author of the Declaration of Independence Knew Much More than We Realized

History records a handful of men and women who seem to be gifted with a much greater level of knowledge. Thomas Jefferson was one of them. He is most remembered for his role in writing the Declaration of Independence in 1776, but he was much more than a proponent of a democratic society. There was another side to the man who did so much to create a nation. He had connections with Freemasonry, was most likely a Rosicrucian and spent time in southern France where the Cathars may have left a massive treasure and possibly the Holy Grail itself.    more...

Mrs. Lincoln's Lunacy
What Was Wrong with the President's Widow

In the early centuries of the Common Era many different 'mystery cults' gained a footing and significant followings across the Roman Empire. To name a few, these included cults of Dionysos/Bacchus, Artemis, Apollo, Orpheus, the Egyptian-derived Isis and Osiris/Serapis, various Asian derived cults of the Great Mother Goddess, and Christianity. Central to such cults were 'initiation' into a 'mystery' which brought the devotee into a personal relationship with the god or gods. As Roger Beck stated, 'Baptism initiates you into the Christian mystery, for example; and yes, early Christianity both can and should be classified with the pagan mystery cults' (2011, 'The Pagan Shadow of Christ?', BBC website article accessed 13 August, 2015). Initiation conferred salvation in the next life as well as providing a support system of fellow worshippers in this life. Mithraism, centered on the god Mithras, was a well-known and prominent mystery cult until the late fourth century CE.    more...

Dawn of the Dolphins
Do They, and Other Animals, Have Super Powers?

In 2014, Maddalena Bearzi, a researcher with the Ocean Conservation Society,and her team were studying a school of bottlenose dolphins near Los Angeles, California. They were working near shore in an area where the dolphins regularly relaxed and fed. One dolphin abruptly headed out toward deeper water and soon the rest of the school turned and followed. Bearzi and her assistant decided to follow them in their boat.The dolphins increased their speed and the researchers matched speed to keep pace. About three miles offshore, the dolphins stopped, forming a ring around a dark object in the water. Bearzi's assistant then yelled,"Someone's in the water!" Initially they observed the seemingly lifeless body of a fully clothed, blonde haired woman. As they drew closer, the woman feebly turned her head toward them and raised her hand in a weak gesture for help. It turns out the pair arrived just in time to save the girl's life. Afterwards they discovered she was vacationing from Germanya nd had tied a suicide note around her neck. How is it that the dolphins knew this girl was dying three miles away from where they were feeding, and why did they care?     more...

Reflecting on Our Sun
Might It Have a Mirror Matter Companion?

Lately I have found myself thinking about the question of whether or not our Sun might have a companion. Is the Sun part of a binary or multiple star system? Astronomers have estimated that anywhere from 30% to over 80% of all stars may be members of binary or multiple star systems, so why not the Sun? The classic response is that if there was a "Second Sun," then we should see it! But the situation may not be so simple.    more...

Balzac - The Inside Story
Where Some Saw Danger, He Saw the Divine

When Honor de Balzac died of caffeine poisoning and overwork at the age of 51, in 1850, the great French visionary left behind 92 novels, many of them masterpieces, none of them mediocre. On a typical workday, the Paris based Balzac went to bed at 6:00p.m., rose at midnight, and wrote until 6:00a.m. Then, after visits to the printers, numerous other errands, and a second six hour writing stint, he went to bed again at 6:00 p.m. A despairing and exultant Balzac wrote to his Russian mistress Eveline Hanska (who would one day become his wife) of this routine, "I am forced to be ten men at the same time, with several spare brains, never sleeping, always being happily inspired and refusing to be sidetracked."    more...

The Zodiac and the Twelve Labors of Hercules
Do the myths have a deeper meaning?

By Julie Loar
The Zodiac of constellations is a circular band of sky eight degrees above and below the ecliptic that contains the familiar constellations from the Ram to the Fishes. Earth's annual orbit causes the Sun to appear to move through these constellations, and each day the Sun rises and sets in a slightly different place along the eastern and western horizons. The zodiac of astrological signs is a seasonal division of time that is based on our motion relative to the Sun.    more...

Wherever They Operate, There Are Secrets that You Should Know
By Marsha Oaks
Whether you believe in the existence of a hidden spiritual reality or not, you will probably find the accounts of these researchers more than a little -- compelling. The ultimate evaluation though, as always, remains with you.    more... ANGELS AND ALIENS:
The Fall of Man
Adrian Gilbert
This lecture by Adrian Gilbert, standing at a podium and showing slides, is the first in a new series of his, which he is calling, 'Angels and Aliens'. He explains the title: "This gives us a sort of rough area to work within, but each lecture is going to be on different subjects. I want to cover the whole gamut of understanding and investigation and theories concerning everything that we think of as angels and what we associate with being aliens, and how there could be any sort of linkage between the two concepts.    more...


John P. Milton
Today, our modern world is filled with high-tech wonders. Our urban and suburban existence surrounds us with crowded, artificial environments of plastic, steel, concrete, and glass. Environmental toxins, high-stress lifestyles, devitalized food, loud noise, unnatural electromagnetic fields, and microwave radiation assail our cells and sensibilities. Volatile chemical compounds often saturate our homes, offices, and communities. All these changes impose unique forms of anxiety, tension, and stress on us. They makede stabilizing environments that are biologically quite new to humans. Our minds, emotions, and bodies are often unable to cope with these radically new artificial stresses. Consequently, rates of cancer, heart disease, obsesity, emotional suffering, and psychological breakdown have spread rapidly along with the mushrooming, worldwide impact of modern technology and ways of life. When we leave these tensions for a while to cultivate our natural wholeness in the wild, we are renewed with the fresh vitality and spirit of Nature. "Great Healing happens when one is willing to connect with Essence and commune with Nature," states Milton    more...


Colin Andrews
Thirty years of first hand research are wrapped up in this "no-holds-barred" presentation by Colin Andrews,the first researcher and author of the crop circle phenomena. In Colin's personal history, and the stories he shares of other researchers, hoaxers, and the general public, extraordinary connections unfold between UFO's, alien encounters, government conspiracies, and crop circles. What is revealed in the patterns in the fields, is the direction needed to help us through the challenges of the near future and into the evolution of consciousness, according to him.    more...

That 'Heresy' Thing

The Central Sun
Ernst Brenner -- Edmonton, AB, CN

Intelligent Design Arguments
Arthur W. Knapp -- Walnut Creek, CA

Intelligent Designers
Paul Williams -- Kenney, IL

In Search of the Ark of the Covenant
Ray E. Daly -- Lincoln, NE