Issue 26- PDF Download

Issue 26- PDF Download

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In this download edition #26:

THE DAILY GRAIL - The Internet's Best Alternative Science Site Now in Print
THE LAST HOURS OF THE KURSK - Remote Viewers Go Where TV Cameras Cannot
WERE THE PYRAMIDS POURED? - Chris Dunn Takes a Look at a Controversial Theory
EDEN IN ARMENIA - Reader Sleuthing for the Cradle of Civilization
A CONVERSATION WITH JOHN MACK - Deeper New Insight into UFO Abduction
HOW OLD WERE THE OLMECS? - Very Old Indeed, Says Zecharia Sitchin?
THE PRIEST AND HIS TIME MACHINE - Were the Authorities Trying to Keep Us in the Dark?
THE METALS OF THE GODS - David Hatcher Childress on the Advanced Ancient Sciences of Metallurgy
ANCIENT ARMAGEDDON Did the Ancients Use Atomic Weapons ?
THE VIVAXIS CONNECTION - Can Your Connection with Mother Earth Heal You?
NONLOCAL CONSCIOUSNESS - Jeane Manning Talks to Russell Targ