Issue 27- PDF Download

Issue 27- PDF Download

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In this download edition #27:

THE AEGEAN ATLANTIS DECEPTION- Was Plato's Grand Tale About a Tiny Greek Isle?
THE HENGE OF THE WORLD - How Much Did Avebury's Builders Know about Geography?
GRAVITY: RECONSIDERED - Is It Time to Rewrite Einstein's Theory?
THE BIOSENSITIVE FACTOR - Can Special Human Senses Warn Us of Disaster?
THE SEARCH FOR TESLA'S LOST PAPERS - Did the Great Inventor Take His Secrets to the Grave?
UFOs OF THE THIRD REICH - Was Hitler's Last Refuge, the South Pole?
NATURE'S BODY SOFTWARE How Important Is the Understanding of Our Chakras?
THE OSIRIS CONNECTION - What Does Christianity Have to Do with Ancient Egypt?
MIND OVER MATTER - Human Emotion and Physics
POET OF THE SUPERNATURAL - W.B. Yeats and Spirit Communications?