Issue 29- PDF Download

Issue 29- PDF Download

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In this download edition #29:

THE NEW HERETIC - Infinite Energy Editor Eugene Mallove Watches for the Dawn of a New Energy Revolution
THE FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGIST - A New Column from the author of Forbidden Archaeology: Michael Cremo
THE SECRET OF LAKE VOSTOK - Strange Developments at the South Pole?
CALIFORNIA'S GEOGLYPH MYSTERY - What's the Meaning in Giant Figures Visible Only from the Sky?
THE DOGON AS PHYSICIST - Do Ancient Symbols Show Knowledge of Advanced Physics?
THE FIRST ATLANTEANS - What to Make of Evidence from Morocco?
ENDING THE NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE - Two Unsung Technologies for Cleaning Up Nuclear Waste
INFORMATION WARS - Steven Greer's Latest Challenge to UFO Secrecy
RELIEF FOR THE GREAT PYRAMID? - Why Are Those Strange Chambers Really There?
THE ROOTS OF SUPERSTITION - Did Our Ancestors Know Something We Don't?
THE MALADY IN HEART MEDICINE - A Crusading M.D. Exposes Heart Fraud
THE ATLANTIS OF WILLIAM BLAKE - The Great Poet's Prescription for Finding Our Origins