Issue 31- PDF Download

Issue 31- PDF Download

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In this download edition #31:

THE NEW HERETIC - Infinite Energy Editor Eugene Mallove with an Open Letter to President Bush
THE FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGIST - Michael Cremo, Author of Forbidden Archaeology, Reports on the Godzilla Artifacts of Belgium
THE ESTABLISHMENT STRIKES BACK - The Learning Channel Moves Against the Atlantis Heresy
THE ANCIENT HEART OF CENTRAL ASIA - Was Afghanistan Once Home to the Garden of Eden?
THE SUNSPOT ENIGMA - A Novel Solution to a Perennial Puzzle?
SECRET WEAPONS AGAINST TERROR -Is the Military Quietly Deploying Exotic Tools of War?
THE MYSTERY OF BANNOCKBURN - Was an Ancient Secret behind an Impossible Victory?
GEORGE ADAMSKI - Did a Pioneer of UFOlogy Really Talk to Venusians?
THE INVISIBILITY FACTOR - Hollywood Has Had Its Fun, but Is There More to It?
THE NOSTRADAMUS PERSPECTIVE - Could a Fifteenth-Century Mystic Foresee Our Time?
WHEN THE SUBTLE SENSES WARN - Getting Intelligence from the Oldest Source of All
CAROLYN MYSS TALKS BACK - This Is Not Your Archetypal Pundit