Issue 32- PDF Download

Issue 32- PDF Download

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In this download edition #32:

THE NEW HERETIC- Infinite Energy Editor Eugene Mallove with Aliens in the Basement
THE FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGIST- Michael Cremo, Author of Forbidden Archaeology, Makes his Apologies to Columbus
SOLVING ANCIENT CODES- Beverly Jaegers Tackles the Problem of Unraveling Ancient Messages
CAYCE'S FIRE STONE- Did the Sleeping Prophet Accurately Describe Masers and Lasers?
AN ELECTRIC ANKH?- Did the Ancients Have Advanced Memory Chips?
UNDERGROUND BASES- Reality or Paranoid Delusion?
ANCIENT PRECISION- If the Early Egyptians Had It, Why?
OCCULT WAR AGAINST THE NAZIS- Some Choose Unusual Weapons to Fight Evil
THE POWER OF HEALING PRAYER- Jeanne Achterberg Takes Science to Uncharted Waters
THE MESO AMERICAN MYSTERY- Why Can't Science Explain the Mayas?
ATLANTIS IN THE STARS- Frank Joseph Evidence Above
ATLANTIS IN THE UNDERWORLD- Alan Alford Takes Plato in a New Direction