Issue 35- PDF Download

Issue 35- PDF Download

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In this download edition #35:

THE NEW HERETIC - Infinite Energy Editor Eugene Mallove on the Limits of Cold Fusion
THE FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGIST- Michael Cremo, Author of Forbidden Archaeology, on Darwinism vs. Christian Creationism
ENERGY & THE FORMER SOVIET UNION- Jeane Manning Explores the Developments behind the Erstwhile Iron Curtain
MT. SINAI'S MYSTERY- Ralph Ellis Explores Possible Links with the Great Pyramid
QUANTUM ALCHEMY- Using the Tools of New Science with Ancient Substance
COL. FAWCETT'S STRANGE QUEST- Was He Searching for Lost Technology?
CELESTIAL CATASTROPHE- Did Atlantis Die with a Blow from the Skies?
THE PYRAMIDS OF SCOTLAND- New Evidence of Ancient Design in the Landscape
THE CELTIC CROSS FOR NAVIGATION- Ancient Secrets of Seafaring and More
THE TIP OF THE MARTIAN ICEBERG- Do New Discoveries Point Toward Life?
INDIANA JONES' TREASURE- A Lost Clue to Petra's Wealth
SECRETS OF THE SHADOW- A Conversation with Debbie Ford?