Issue 37- PDF Download

Issue 37- PDF Download

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In this download edition #37:

THE NEW HERETIC - Infinite Energy Editor Eugene Mallove Looks at the Big Bang
THE FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGIST- Michael Cremo, Author of Forbidden Archaeology, Conspiracies in Archaeology
WHEN ASTEROIDS LOOK LIKE NUKES- Could Debris from Space Inadvertently Trigger World War III?
SEARCHING FOR ATLANTIS NEAR CUBA- Writer Andrew Collins Looks at New Underwater Discoveries and More
ATLANTEAN REFUGEES- Did They Head for South America?
MORE CROP CIRCLE MYSTERIES- A Conversation with Colin Andrews
FIXING THE TIME PROBLEM- Author Jose Arguelles Worries about Calendar Dangers
STAR CITIES OF ARIZONA- Is There an Orion Connection?
TRACKING THE PYRAMID BUILDERS- Looking at Robert Schoch's New Book
BEHIND THE PYRAMID'S SECRET DOORS- Christopher Explains the New Evidence
HIGH TECH IN THE GREAT PYRAMID- What Does the Evidence Really Show?
THE CRYSTAL SKULL ENIGMA- This Anomaly Is Still Unexplained