Issue 38- PDF Download

Issue 38- PDF Download

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In this download edition #38:

THE NEW HERETIC - Infinite Energy Editor Eugene Mallove on Free-Energy Prospects
THE FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGIST - Michael Cremo, Author of Forbidden Archaeology, Adventures in the Ukraine
THE GREAT WALL OF GIZA - What is the Real Purpose of the Formidable Barrier Now Being Built Around the Pyramid Area?
ARCHAEOLOGY AND GRAVITY - Why Do Orthodox Theories Collapse Under Their Own Weight?
HOW OLD IS THE PIRI REIS MAP? - Looking at New Evidence of a High-Tech Source
RUPERT SHELDRAKE - A Conversation with the Maverick Scientist
MICROCHIP IMPLANTS - Should New Technology Cheer Us or Scare Us?
THE LOL-TUN CAVE MYSTERY - Can Secrets of Human Origins Be Found in Belize?
THE ACOUSTICS OF THE ANCIENTS - Cymatic Experiments Yield Startling Results
THE ROSSLYN CHAPEL MYSTERY - Astonishing New Light on the Famous Enigma
ART AS TECHNOLOGY - Exploring the Creativity of Bill Witherspoon
DESTINATION: GALACTIC CENTER - John Major Jenkins Looks to the Mayas for Answers