Issue 41- PDF Download

Issue 41- PDF Download

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In this download edition #41:

THE NEW HERETIC - Infinite Energy Editor Eugene Mallove on the Cold Fusion Canary
THE FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGIST- Michael Cremo, Author of Forbidden Archaeology, Challenges Darwin in Russia
THE DIRTY POWER MESS - Despite Years of Trying to Fix the Problems Serious Health Dangers Remain
DE SOTO AND THE HALL OF RECORDS- What Were the Ancient Secrets that Led Him to Explore Arkansas?
APPROACHING THE STARGATES- Adrian Gilbert Looks at the Ancient Star Wisdom
THE EXOPOLITICAL FACTOR - Is There a Disturbing Hidden Agenda in Global Events?
SHIRLEY MACLAINE'S LEMURIA- How Does Her Vision Square with the Evidence?
ENIGMAS OF THE LITTLE PEOPLE- Do News Accounts Reveal Lost Races?
TRAILING THE SNAKE DANCE- Following the Evidence to Surprising Places
THE CASE FOR THE FLOOD- Peter Bros Explodes a Scientific Myth
DARWIN'S DEMISE- Or the Futile Search for the Missing Links
A CONVERSATION WITH SHAKTI GAWAIN- Insights from the Best-Selling Author?