Issue 44 - March/April 2004

Issue 44 - March/April 2004

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In this issue:

The New Heretic - The Forbidden Archaeologist

The Jupiter Nuke Affair-
When the Galileo Spacecraft Plunged to Its Death, Was It Carrying Out a Secret Agenda?
Psychokinesis vs. Gravity-

Did Adam Have Three Parents?-
Zecharia Sitchin on Ancient DNA Manipulation

The Inscrutable Manly P. Hall-
The Author of The Secret Teachings of All Ages Remains an Enigma

Canada's Undecipherable Rock Art-
Can the Fingerprints of Atlantis Be Discerned?

The Fault in Continental Drift Theory-
Satellite Imagery Supports the Notion of an Expanded Earth

The Binary Sun Riddle -
The Coming Solar Shift

Further Explorations of the Crack in the Cosmic Egg
Joseph Chilton Pearce Looks at the Biology of Transcendence

Isaac Newton and the Bible