Issue 46- PDF Download

Issue 46- PDF Download

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In this download edition #46:

The New Heretic
The Forbidden Archaeologist
Rocketdyne '59
America's Chernobyl
Three Mile Island Was Our Worst Nuclear Accident or Was It?
The Faces of Rapa Nui
A Closer Look at the Lingering Mystery of Easter Island
Asia's Forbidden Pyramids
Who Were the Builders of These Mysterious Megaliths?
Following the DNA Trail to Atlantis
Destination Mars
Zecharia Sitchin Questions NASA's Real Purpose
Secrets of the Round Towers
Getting the Orca Message
The Mystery of the Christ
Is There More to This Story than Hollywood Ever Imagined?
Searching for the Real Star of Bethlehem
Who Were the Wise Men and What Were They Up To?
The Strange Life of Baird T. Spalding
Despite Naysayers, the Mystery Remains