Issue 47- PDF Download - Search for Noah's Ark

Issue 47- PDF Download - Search for Noah's Ark

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In this download edition #47:

The Forbidden Archaeologist

Dealing with the Tornado Threat
New Discoveries Point the Way to Their Prevention

Where Was the Real Troy?
What to Make of Evidence Pointing to England, not Turkey

The Knights Templars in America
The Startling Case for a Hidden Dimension to Our History

Searching for Nanobacteria

Lost Secrets of the Aztecs
Were They Descended from Atlantis?

Stanton Friedman
A Conversation with the UFO Crusader

Gregg Braden's Ultimate Code

The Search for Noah's Ark
Will a New Expedition Resolve Our Ancient Questions and Settle the Issues Once and for All?

Mythology as History
A New Book Points the Way to Fragments of Our Forgotten Past

Paranormal Beatles
Was There a Secret Side to Their Public Personalities?