Issue 48 - November/December 2004 - Ancient Time Travel

Issue 48 - November/December 2004 - Ancient Time Travel

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Report from the Front

A New Jeane Manning Column on the Coming Energy Revolution

The Forbidden Archaeologist

Return to Tunguska
Astounding New Clues to Siberia's 1908 Blast

Enigma of the Crook Flail
Ralph Ellis Unravels an Ancient Egyptian Mystery

The Human Origins Puzzle

Did We Come from Atlantis or the Stars?

The Ant People of Orion
What Did the Ancients Want Us to Know?

The Children of Atlantis
Frank Joseph Tracks the Survivors in Europe

Deepak Chopra
Cynthia Logan Talks to the Visionary Healer

Back to Rosslyn
Jeff Nisbet Digs Deeper into the Chapel's Mystery and Unearths a Queen's Secret

The Wormhole Dance
Did the Ancients Leave the Secret of Time Travel to the Sufi Whirling Dervishes?

Da Vinci, Hugo and Newton
Was Their Connection the Priory of Zion, or Was It Something Much Deeper?

Spain's Ancient Pathway
Exploring the Enduring Mystery of the Camino de Santiago