Issue 50 - March/April 2005 - National Secrets

Issue 50 - March/April 2005 - National Secrets

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In this issue:

National Secrets
Are the Facts More Amazing than Hollywood Dreams?
Talking with Margaret Starbird

The DaVinci Code Brings Aherents to the Goddess Gospel

Echoes of Lemuria
Tracking Clues to a Lost Motherland in the Folklore of Indigenous People

Who Were Adam and Eve?
Ralph Ellis Makes a Startling New Argument

The Ancient Egyptian Brain Conundrum
Can the Great Pyramid Sing?

Alan Alford Studies the Acoustic Evidence
Roerich, FDR & the Meru Super Antenna
William Henry Explains

The Quantum Menace

Report from the Front
Jeane Manning on the New Clean Energy Funding

The Forbidden Archaeologist

The Search for Atlantis off Cyprus
Robert Sarmast and his Team Make Important New Strides

Mystery of the Andes