Issue 51- PDF Download

Issue 51- PDF Download

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In this download edition #51:

Report from the Front
Jeane Manning on the Exopolitical Challenge
The Forbidden Archaeologist
The Indian Antigravity Report
Scientists Find Answers to Technical Questions in Ancient Scriptures
Marconi the Mysterious
General Pike & the Klan
The Strange History of an Esoteric Aberration
Challenging the Reality Consensus
New Frontiers of Mind Control
Can New Technology Top Hollywood?
Conversation with a Blue-Eyed Yogi
Rampuri's Western Past Is Left Far Behind
The Force Fields of Earth
Atlantis in the Bahamas?
New Evidence of Ancient Port Facilities
Mysteries of the Hohokam
The Strange Tale of an Advanced But Lost Desert Civilization
Searching for the Builders of Nan Madol
Whoever Created the "Venice of the Pacific" Left Few Clues to Their Identity