Issue 52 - July/August 2005 - Lost Truth

Issue 52 - July/August 2005 - Lost Truth

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In this issue:

Report from the Front

Jeane Manning on Divine Intervention & Breakthroughs

The Forbidden Archaeologist

Atlantis Rising Book and the Revolution
Colin Wilson Reviews Forbidden History?

The Saga of the Hopi

Secrets of Our Survival

Winston Churchill and the Other Side
The Wartime Leader? Road Less Traveled

The Case for Reincarnation
Author Ian Lawton Reports on the Facts

The Biology of Transcendence

New Light on Christian Origins
A New Book Considers James, Jesus?Brother

Mystery in Music City

A Scientist Looks at the Great Pyramid
Robert Schoch Tracks the Arguments to Their Source

Egyptology: Science or Art?
What Does the Evidence Really Show?

Edgar Cayce? Lemuria
Atlantis Was Not the Only Lost Continent to Draw Comment from the Sleeping Prophet