Issue 53- PDF Download - X-Ray Vision

Issue 53- PDF Download - X-Ray Vision

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In this download edition #53:

Report from the Front
Jeane Manning on Challenging the Foundations of Physics

The Forbidden Archaeologist

The Intelligent Design Fight

Return of the Aether
New Evidence Is Threatening to Rekindle a Long Dormant Debate

East of Qumran
Following the Evidence of Christian Origins Where It Leads

Enigma of the Great Lost Sailor's Map
How Could Its Makers Know What They Knew?

Precession Paradox

Was Newton Wrong?

Atlantis on Ogygia
Was Newton Right?

The Roots of The Tree of Life

X-Ray Vision & Way Beyond
Can New Technology See through Walls, Cure Cancer and More?

Lynne McTaggart and ""The Field""
The Best-Selling Author Talks about Amazing Discoveries

Churchward's Strange Tale
Can a Case Be Made for a Drowned Pacific Civilization?