Issue 54- PDF Download - The Templar Engravings

Issue 54- PDF Download - The Templar Engravings

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In this download edition #54:

Report from the Front

Jeane Manning on Solutions from the Castor Bean

The Forbidden Archaeologist

Ice Puzzles
What Strange Findings Still Wait Beneath Antarctica's Crust?

ETs & the Vatican

Zecharia Sitchin on Policies That May Astound you

Understanding Roswell
Why Some Say We Haven't Been the Same Since that Summer

Bacon, Shakespeare & Athena's Spear

Who Were the Earliest Americans?

Secrets of the Pyramid of Kukulkan

Viking Runestones
More Ancient than We Imagined

Domme's Templar Engravings
William Henry Unravels an Ancient Mystery

Tolstoy & the Paranormal
What Was the Subtext for the Great Writer's Intense Objection?

Rocky Mountain Destiny
Not All Spiritual Quests Culminate in the Himalayas