Issue 58- PDF Download - The ROSWELL GLYPHS

Issue 58- PDF Download - The ROSWELL GLYPHS

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In this download edition #58:


Early Rays

Report from the Front
Jeane Manning on a Quest for ET Propulsion Secrets The Forbidden Archaeologist
Olduvai Gorge&'s Mystery Skeleton

Places that Never Were

Sound & Genetic Healing
Are We Made of Sound? and Is DNA a Form of Sound?
The Murder of John Cabot

The Exposing of a Skeptical Hoax
and Confirming the Truth about the Bimini Road

Riddle of the Olmec Heads

Phoenix: Masonic Metropolis?

The Lost Caravaggio
Secrets of a Very Strange Painting Unfolded Project Stardust
Is NASA Accessing a Cosmic Hall of Records?

Dr. Quantum's Big Ideas
A Conversation with Visionary Hi-Energy Physicist Fred Alan Wolf

Science Fiction Movies
Do They Offer a Path to Self- Discovery?