Issue 59- PDF Download -  Jesus in India?

Issue 59- PDF Download - Jesus in India?

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In this download edition #59:


Early Rays

Report from the Front
Jeane Manning Looks Beyond Planet Earth

The Forbidden Archaeologist

Techno Invisibility The Science of Making Solid Objects Disappear

Precessional Puzzles John Major Jenkins on Ancient Wisdom

Nazis and the Occult

A. Conan Doyle and the Grail What Did Sherlock Holmes Know?

Mercury: Metal of Mystery
Today's Scientists Take a Page from the Alchemists

Telescopes and the Ancients Are We Moderns Not the First?

Egypt's Abu Ghurob
Clues to Lost Technology

Did Jesus Visit India?
New Research Tracks the "Lost Years"

Conscious Capitalism
Patricia Aburdene on Megatrends
Passion in Coral
The Strange and Miraculous Obsession of Edward Leedskalnin