Issue 65 - PDF Download - Mexico's Amazing Pyramids

Issue 65 - PDF Download - Mexico's Amazing Pyramids

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In this download edition #65:


Early Rays

Report from the Front
Keys to Tapping the Zero Point

The Forbidden Archaeologist
Can We See the Future? Scientists, Citing New Evidence, Say We Can

The Rosslyn Motet
What the Mainstream Media Didn't Tell You

Ice Age:Fact or Fiction
Does "Shift" Really Happen?

Scientists Challenge Darwin

Weather Goes to War<;> The Nazi / ET Connection
Was World War II an Intergalactic Event?

Science Vs.Levitation
Tables and More Were Up in the Air

Mexico's Amazing Pyramid
There an Egyptian Connection?

Who Were the Olmecs?
New Discoveries, Very Old People

Sondra Ray Rocks Your World
and Leaves the Ordinary Very Far Behind

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