Issue 67 - January/February 2008 - Psychokinesis

Issue 67 - January/February 2008 - Psychokinesis

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In this download edition #67:


Early Rays

Report from the Front
Nick Cook Talks

The Forbidden Archaeologist
Archeology and the "Planet of the Apes"

DNA and the Spoken Word

The Lost Word and the Masonic Quest
Mark Stavish Opens Ancient Secrets

From Saint to Sun God
The Many Faces of John the Baptist

The Plight of the Yezidi

The Templars and the Shroud
Are There Links?

Ancient High Tech and the Ark of the Covenant
Did Its Power Descend from a Lost Civilization?

Circle of Light

Robert Schoch Looks for the Fire Behind the Smoke

Our Contract with America's Founders
Caroline Myss On Why We Should Reconsider Our Obligations

Orffryreus' Wheels
Perpetual Motion in the 16th Century?

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