Issue 69 - PDF Download - Lincoln and the Afterlife

Issue 69 - PDF Download - Lincoln and the Afterlife

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In this download edition #69:


Early Rays

Report from the Front

The Forbidden Archaeologist

Neutralizing Nuclear Terror
Could Exotic New Technologies Keep Us Safe?

Shakespeare and the Bermuda Triangle
The Tragic Saga of the Good Ship "Sea Venture"

The Mystery of Music
Have We Lost Ancient Secrets?

Sound as the Sculptor of Life
Cymatics and the Secrets of Creation

Music on a Mission

Giants in the Earth
Are the Bible and Ancient Sources to Be Believed?

God and Gold
What's at the Heart of the Mystery that Attracts Such Intense Pursuit?

Lincoln and the Afterlife
Was He Taking His Directions from Another World?

The Man Who Said He Could Create Life

Navel of the World or Stargate?
Raging Debate over the Real Purpose of the Great Pyramid

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