Issue 71 - Riddle of America's Ancient Mounds

Issue 71 - Riddle of America's Ancient Mounds

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Early Rays

Report from the Front

The Forbidden Archaeologist

The Super Collision Threat
Is Bern's New Particle Accelerator a Doomsday Machine?

Gene Mollinet's Hydraulic Pinto
Did a 1980s Inventor Have the Key to Our Energy Problems?

Time Travel Evidence?
Future Tech in a Renaissance Painting

The American Mound Builder Mystery
Were They Older and Greater than We Realized?

Asylum from the Terror

Rosslyn Chapel and 2012

Can We See the Future?
Robert Schoch on the Evidence

The Enigma of the Crystal Skulls
The True Story that Preceded the Movie

The Beasts of Atlantis
Plato Mentioned Them but What Do They Mean?

Global Cooling
Does the Phoenix Lander Have Something to Say about Planetary Geriatrics?


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