Issue 74 - PDF Download - What Do Animals Know?

Issue 74 - PDF Download - What Do Animals Know?

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In this download edition #74:


Early Rays

Report from the Front

The Forbidden Archaeologist
What Will Survive When Humans Are Gone?

The Crystal Saturn Enigma?
Does Its Strange Polar Hexagon Point to Underlying Geometry?

Philip Coppens Looks at Numerical Mysteries

The Age of a Sage

Jesus in India: Making the Movie

Traveling the Far East with Filmmaker Paul Davids

Ancient Wings Over the Nile
The Mystery of the Saqqara Glider

The Return of the Djedi

Washington's Temple
Unraveling Secrets of the Capitol

What Do Animals Know?
Exploring Their Unknown Powers

Was the Odyssey in Italian Waters?
New Research Leads to Surprising Discoveries

Plato or Cayce?
What Is the Best Source for the Truth about Atlantis?


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