Issue 78 - PDF Download - Lost Map of Columbus

Issue 78 - PDF Download - Lost Map of Columbus

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In this download edition#78:


Early Rays

The New Energy Report

The Forbidden Archaeologist
Missing Link or Not

The Human Aura: Real or Imaginary?
New Research into Old Emanations

Asteroid Hits Jupiter! Should We Worry?
Meteor Crater Revisited

The Lost Tradition of the Sacred Bee

Templars in Mexico?
Were the Conquistadors the First Europeans to Meet the Aztecs?

H. B. Stowe and the Supernatural

Is Our Planet a Crystal?

Robert Schoch Replies
An Answer for Robert Temple

Searching for the Lost Map of Columbus

Tracking President Eisenhower's Quest

The Vinland Map Is Real
A New Study Shows the Vikings Were Here First

The Mysticism of Physics
The Further Out Science Goes, the Closer it Gets to Ancient Wisdom


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