Issue 83 - PDF Download - Ancient Giants and Alien DNA

Issue 83 - PDF Download - Ancient Giants and Alien DNA

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Early Rays

Jeane Manning
Tribute to a New Energy Hero

Michael Cremo
Following the Laetoli Footprints

Ice Age Civilization in the Bahamas?
New Photos Make Astonishing Case

The Saga of the Other Shroud
The Sudarium of Oviedo Supports Its Celebrated Sibling

Cygnus X-3 and Human History
What Do We Need to Know About This Very Distant Star?

The Pursuit of Ancient Precision
Chris Dunn on Ancient High Tech

Music from the Other Side

Tesla and the God Particle

The Mystery of Bruton Vault
Are Francis Bacon's American Papers To Be Found Here?

Ancient Giants and Alien DNA
Zecharia Sitchin Offers a Spirited New Defense for His Theory

Water Wizards of Arizona
The Hohokam Civilization Still Amazes

Hidden in Plain Sight
If We Found Clues to High Ancient Civilization, Would We Know What We Had?


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