Issue 84 - PDF Download

Issue 84 - PDF Download

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Early Rays

Jeane Manning
Energy in Abundance

Michael Cremo
Ancient Flying Machines

The New Crystal Skull Mystery
Mitchell-Hedges Is No Longer Unique

What Lies Beneath?
Does Last Summer's Gulf Disaster Portend Worse Things to Come?

Hall of Records Coverup?
What to Make of All the Internet Conspiracy Talk

Egypt in Illinois?
The Evidence for a Long-Forgotten Connection

Chess After Death

Psychic Warfare in Romania

Molecular Machines
Nature Defying Darwin?

Prayer Power
Fact or Fiction and What Do We Know that Science Doesn't?

Putting Atlantis in Its Place
Everybody Has Tried but Maybe We Should Get Back to Basics

Living for a Very Long Time
Human Longevity: Still a Mystery After All These Years


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