Issue 86 - Secrets of the Seventh Ray

Issue 86 - Secrets of the Seventh Ray

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Early Rays

Jeane Manning
The Life and Times of Tom Bearden

Michael Cremo -

The Meaning of the Calaveras Skull

Feeling the Future
New Research and the Influence of the Future on the Past

Mystery of the Montauk Monster
Recent Finds Bring Up Old, but Not Forgotten, Dangers

Rings of Fire
Trouble for Our Planet Can Come from Many Directions

Atlantis, Apparitions and Archetypes
Is Land's End Just the Beginning?

The Prime Minister and the Spirit World

When Is It Something Else?

The Trouble with Atheists
Is It Brainwashing?

Secrets of the Seventh Ray
21st Century Science Meets an Ancient Prescription for Change

Father Crespi's Curious Collection
Ancient American High Metallurgy

The Trojan Connection
Does the Ancient Legend of Troy Mask Secrets of Atlantis?


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