Issue 88 - PDF Download -  The Angel Effect

Issue 88 - PDF Download - The Angel Effect

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Early Rays

Jeane Manning

Michael Cremo
Humans in the Carboniferous?

Atlantis in Spain?
New Evidence, but Does It Really Make the Case?

Ancient Sumerians in Peru?
What Is To Be Made of Artifacts with Cuneiform Inscriptions?

Continental Cracks
A Fresh Look at the Risks We Face

The Rosslyn Bones
Startling Return for a Centuries-Old Cold Case

Looking for the Caribbean Ark?
Is the Holy Relic in the Virgin Islands?

The Hunt for a European Ark?
What Did Jules Verne Know?

American Treasure Line

The Angel Effect
All the World's Cultures Consider Its Power

Secrets of the Jinn
Was There More Than Smoke in Aladdin's Famous Lamp?

Seven Gateways to Paradise
A New Look at the Meaning of Ancient Temple Science


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