Issue 90 - The Pyramid Electric

Issue 90 - The Pyramid Electric

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Mysteries in the Fields
From Editor, J. Douglas Kenyon

Academic physics has finally decided to apply itself to the crop circle enigma. In the August issue of Physics World, a professor from the University of Oregon has taken a crack at explaining just how the astonishing diagrams and patterns which appear in fields all over the world, especially in England, could have come to be. Richard Taylor, director of the Materials Science Institute at U. of O. is clearly impressed with what he has observed, but his theories, alas, raise more questions than they answer.

In the past it has been argued that the thousands of complex designs showing up regularly in fields are the work of hoaxers. For a while two English pubsters, known as Doug and Dave, took a lot of the credit. Tales of clandestine midnight rope-and-board dragging fitted well into the hokum narrative promoted by the press and science establishment, so, many observers were more than willing to give the pair credit and then to forget the matter. When, however, the circle appearances continued throughout the world, usually over night and on a scale and complexity far beyond the capabilities of any ordinary hoaxers, the Doug-and-Dave hypothesis began to fade. Generally the response of the mainstream to the phenomenon has been to ignore it entirely unless it could be made into some kind of spooky yarn, good for ratings. After all, what could it possibly be but a trick?

For professor Taylor, crop circles are nothing to dismiss. No matter who makes them, the creators are clearly very good at what they do. In fact, he says, if nothing else, the patterns are actually the work of great artists who are, at the least, masters of modern terrestrial - if not extra terrestrial - technology. He thinks they use the Global Positioning system, lasers, and microwaves, as well as highly advanced mathematics and invisible construction grids.

As for who or what might go to the trouble of making so many of the things, Taylor remains at a loss. The unknown circle creators, he says, "are not going to give up their secrets easily." Whoever they are, he believes, they are artists, and the crop circle phenomenon is, "the most science-oriented art movement in history."

All of which leaves the rest of us to settle for one of the following explanations:

Either we have a secret army of mischievous, albeit creative, humans scattered around the world who not only have ready access to all the latest expensive technology but the skills to use it in the dark of night, on a scale of acres, for years, undetected - all while thousands of researchers and skeptics swarm their handiwork, vainly seeking to flush out the publicity-shy creators. Indeed, in some cases, researchers have camped on sites where patterns, unseen the night before, have, as if by magic, appeared fully formed in the morning.

The other possibility: someone or something originating in some unknown dimension on Earth, or perhaps, in outer space, is trying, it would seem, to get our attention.

Take your pick. Either one is sensational.

Man-Made Bahamas Structure Dated To Before Ice Age
Material in a complex, man-made, underwater structure in the Bahamas has been carbon dated to over 20,000 years BCE. Researchers for the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) have been investigating the underwater remains of what appears to be a collapsed multi-room building. Originally reported in Atlantis Rising #77 (September/ October 2009), the investigation by the husbandand-wife archaeological team of Drs. Greg and Lora Little has culminated in the newly-released Carbon 14 dating report. more...

Vast Tunnel Complex 12,000 Years Old
The familiar image of stone age man, clad, in skins and dragging his woman by the hair is in dire need of a reset. Far from being an ignorant savage, it is clear he was, at the least, a great engineer, responsible for many megalithic structures which would be difficult to reproduce today. Now, new evidence shows that he was an amazing tunnel builder as well. more...

Asteroid Sail To Save The Earth?
Scientists at NASA say there is almost no need to worry about the Asteroid Apophis hitting Earth in 2036. The 46-million-ton space rock will swing by first in 2029, and if it doesn't pass through a 600 meter "keyhole" area then, when it comes back in 2036, it will miss us. If it does hit the keyhole, however, then seven years later it could make quite a mess of life on Earth. Now some Chinese scientists are saying why take a chance. more...

Hydrogen Energy Source Discovered at the Bottom of the Ocean
Abundant power from hydrogen at the bottom of the ocean may be available soon. That is the implication of new exploration undertaken with deep sea submersibles by researchers from Germany's Max Planck Institute. more...

Does Global Warming Offend Aliens?
The argument over global warming has become even more like a theological debate. In sermons defending their chosen position, advocates on all sides do not hesitate to invoke higher authority. Now a new report by scientists at NASA and Pennsylvania State University argues that the sorry state of Earth's environment might prompt an advanced alien invader to kill off the human race in order to protect the universe itself from potential future harm. Such an action might even win the approval of many in positions of influence on this planet. more...

The Arrow Of Titan
In Kurt Vonnegut's classic science fiction novel The Sirens of Titan, a space explorer from the distant planet Tralfamadore is stranded on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn. Waiting for a spare part from his home planet, he is left to watch planet Earth from afar. The story's crowning irony, is the notion that Earth's history unfolds as it does in order to provide signals to the stranded traveler. The Great Wall of China, for example, is actually just a glyph in the language of the traveler, letting him know the status of his needed part. more...

A Youthening Moon?
King Arthur in Camelot was said not to age but to "youthen." Maybe that is what we should say of the moon. more...

Escape from a Black Hole?
It Can Happen

Black holes may not be as difficult to escape as we once thought. In fact, according to research at England's University of York, gravity itself may not actually be one of the fundamental forces of nature. more...

God Particle May Not Exist
The God particle may not exist! That is the late-breaking news from Switzerland. That is not to imply, by the way, that God does not exist. It does mean that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the CERN research center, the giant atomic accelerator in Switzerland, may need to find new work, since the main thing it was built to do, at a cost of many billions of dollars, was to ferret out what has been called the Higgs Boson or "God Particle." more...

Tracking the News of the Coming Energy Revolution
Did Ancient Shamans Know Secrets of the Wave?
By Jeane Manning
In a recent conversation with Toby Grotz, I again had the privilege of glimpsing the big picture of an emerging future science. It's based on a deeper understanding of how the universe works.

Throughout history and prehistory, individuals have momentarily seen beyond the material world into the non-material. They peer more deeply into creation and perceive non-physical spiraling energy; they see the results of invisible vortices that create matter and destroy and create again endlessly. The same dynamic is everywhere, from the galactic down to submicrosopic scale, and visionaries have left its imprint on human culture. The clues they bequeath range from the spirals of Celtic art to a Native American symbol to Maori carvings of clockwise and counterclockwise spirals. more...

Dating the Oldest Cut Marks on Bone
By Michael Cremo
In August 2010, Nature, one of the world's most authoritative scientific journals, reported that ancient hominins (ape men) used stone tools to cut flesh from bones about 3.4 million years ago (McPherron, S. P. et al. Nature no. 466, 2010, pp. 857-860). This, it was claimed, is about a million years earlier than any other previous evidence for such behavior. The evidence for the behavior came from fossil animal bones showing butchering marks on them. The bones were found in the Lower Awash Valley of Ethiopia near the place where the fossils of Lucy, the famous specimen of Australopithecus afarensis, were found in the 1970s. more...

Indians and Aliens
Could Cherokee Folklore Have Described UFOs and Close Encounters of the Third Kind?
By Arlan Andrews,Sr.,Sc.D.,P.E.
Most readers of this magazine are familiar with ancient legends that seem to describe human encounters with extraterrestrials in prehistoric times-Ezekiel and the wheels within wheels, stories of sky-gods in ancient Egypt, winged gods in Mesopotamia, the Dogon tribe in Africa. Less well known are Native American legends that may also point to an awareness of beings from the skies, of actual encounters with aliens. more...

The Water Dimension
We May Think We Understand It, But Do We Really?
By William B. Stoecker
Decades ago, when I was a NORAD Intelligence Officer, I was also a UFO investigator. This was an additional duty, since UFO investigation was no longer a responsibility of USAF intelligence due to a regulation change from AFR-2002 to AFR 80-17. One day I received a report from a civilian who had seen a UFO over the city of Duluth, Minnesota. Then I got a report from another civilian who had seen, presumably, the same UFO west of the city only a few minutes later. Then we got a report that a highway patrolman had seen the UFO still further west, going down into a lake. I went out in a helicopter with Air Rescue and we flew low and slowly over the lake, seeing nothing but water. This was before I became SCUBA qualified. Both from my own experiences and from reading the literature, I noticed a pattern: UFOs, fairly often, were reported going down into bodies of water or emerging from them, or hovering over them. In fact, the late Ivan T. Sanderson wrote a book about undersea UFOs, Invisible Residents, in 1970, and coined the term "USOs" for unidentified submerged objects. There have been claims by former Navy sonar men of tracking high speed objects at great depth. At that time I was a true believer in "nuts and bolts" alien spacecraft, and I theorized that UFOs might descend into bodies of water and hide on the bottom for some unknown purpose. more...

Mysteries of the Effigy Mounds
The American Midwest Has Many Ancient Secrets
By Frank Joseph
When early nineteenth century pioneers first crossed into the upper middle west of North America, they found a region later known as the state of Wisconsin blanketed with more than 10,000 landscaped images. After only a few decades, virtually all of them were obliterated by the farmer's plow but not before they were documented by surveyors. As such, the bioglyphs mostly survive as line drawings, but at least a few samples still exist intact. They provide an inkling of a vast, artistic canvas long since effaced by modern agriculture and urban development. Masterfully fashioned into representations of bears, panthers, turtles, birds, and less identifiable beasts, the effigy mounds were almost all laid out on a colossal scale. more...

Return Engagements
Exploring the Traditions and the Evidence for Reincarnation
By Patrick Marsolek
Do you believe in reincarnation? Have you lived before? Will you come to live again in another physical body after you die? Several of the major world religions and cultures around the world have some belief in reincarnation. By some estimates, as many as a quarter of people worldwide hold such beliefs. more...

The Perilous Plight of Rockall Island
More People Have Walked on the Moon than Have Landed on this Tiny Island
By Steven Sora
There are several North Atlantic islands that are little more than the tops of mountains growing from the sea floor. Possibly one of the smallest lies 180 miles from St. Kilda, an island belonging to Scotland and 270 miles from Donegal in Ireland. Called Rockall in the Shipping Forecast, issued by the British Meteorological Office, it is the focus of a struggle between four nations as well as the new sovereign nation of Waveland. more...

The Paraffin Mold Experiments
Was the Reality of the Spirit World Conclusively Proven Nearly a Century Ago?
By Michael E. Tymn
"It is very absurd, if a truth can be absurd." So stated renowned French scientist Charles Richet, referring to the results of some experiments that he and Dr. Gustave Geley, "the director of the International Metaphysical Institute (Institut Metapsychique International) in Paris, had carried out with Franek Kluski, a Polish medium, during November and December 1920. more...

The Brownings and the Medium
Not All Romantic Poets Approved of Spiritualism
By John Chambers
May 7, 2012, will be the 200th anniversary of the birth of Robert Browning (1812-1889), the great English Victorian poet to whom we owe such works as The Pied Piper of Hamelin and Pippa Passes. If, on that birthday, the poet were to be awakened from his grave for a day to join in the celebrations, he would be appalled and disgusted by the overheated "2012" talk of rapture, catastrophe, apocalypse and shifting realities. more...

The Pyramid Electric
By Christopher Dunn
In January 2011, an important and historic exploration took place inside the Great Pyramid. However, the remarkable evidence that was discovered seemed to pass into history without fuss or fanfare. A small article in the New Scientist magazine, with the promise of a future scholarly report on the findings, seemed to be an extremely muted response to an event that has traditionally been promoted to attract millions of "pyramid watchers" across the world. Has the interest in pyramid discoveries waned, or was this exploration another casualty of the Arab Spring, which saw a revolution in Egypt that ousted President Hosni Mubarak and saw the staccato-like firing/hiring/firing of one of the world's most prominent Egyptologists, Zahi Hawass? more...

Places of the Builder Gods
Understanding the Ancient Science of Temple Creation
By Freddy Silva
If we had been given the choice of incarnating in a period such as 16,000 B.C., the world would have looked a lot different than it does today. This was the time of the last glacial maximum, when more of the Earth's landmass was exposed. During this period Australia and New Guinea formed a massive continent; the British Isles were joined to each other and to Europe; the Black Sea, the North Sea, and the Persian Gulf were dry land; the Mediterranean was a lake, and the Indonesian archipelago and Asia were one. more...

When Three is a Charm
The Very Strange Legacy of Sir Thomas Tresham
By Philip Coppens
Rushton Lodge - better known as the Triangular Lodge - is considered by many to be only a folly - a building without a real purpose, other than decoration. But the history of the structure is more than interesting, inviting the question whether it might not actually contain a veritable secret message, so far not uncovered. Such questions arise from the strange Elizabethan saga of Sir Thomas Tresham. What happens when you release a Catholic from jail? The answer in the case of Tresham is: the Triangular Lodge. The small building near Rushton, in England's Northamptonshire, at the edge of Tresham's estate was, ostensibly, built to serve as a very enigmatic home for the rabbit warden. It is referred to in the Rushton estate documents as "The Warryners Lodge." more...

Nemesis or Tyche
Does Our Sun Have a Sister?
By Julie Loar
A storm of controversy swirls around this subject. The recent excitement began with a science news story that went viral on the Internet, announcing that scientists J. J. Matese and Daniel Whitmire had found a "Jovian mass companion" to our Sun in the outer Solar System. If proved, the scenario is breathtaking and would be the biggest news in astronomy since Copernicus informed us that Earth orbits the Sun. What would this discovery mean to our notion of the Solar System, and what might the impact be to astrology? more...

Lost Subterranean Wonders
Surprising Discoveries Are Slowly Changing Conventional Models of the Past
By Marsha Oaks
Long lost pathways into subterranean domains have always been a source of fascination for students of ancient mysteries. This month's selections should provide plenty of food for thought. more... LOST CAVES OF GIZA
Andrew Collins
Ever since the age of the pharaohs, stories have circulated concerning the existence beneath the sands of Egypt of a subterranean realm-seen as the tomb of Osiris and as the underworld through which the souls of the deceased must traverse in order to reach an afterlife among the stars. more...

David Hatcher Childress
Here we are once again with David-this time in conference at the Sedona 2009 Ancient Mysteries conference where he presents a few highlights from his latest book of this same title. After giving a brief biography of his life and adventures, he goes into some detail on the Victorio (not Victoria) Peak/Doc Noss mountain of gold; Egyptians in the Grand Canyon; mummified giants and weird tunnels in Death Valley; mysterious remains of ancient dwellers alongside lakes that dried up tens of thousands of years ago; and concludes with a discussion of Tesla technology and obelisks. more...

METAMORPHOSIS: The Beauty and Design of Butterflies
Illustra Media
Illustra Media produces video documentaries that examine the scientific case for intelligent design. Working with Discovery Institute and an international team of scientists and scholars (including Michael Behe, Guillermo Gonzalez, Stephen Meyer, and Lee Strobel), Illustra has helped define both the scientific case for design and the limitations of materialistic processes like Darwinian evolution. These documentaries (some of which have been reviewed by Atlantis Rising) include: Unlocking the Mystery of Life, Privileged Planet, Darwin's Dilemma, DNA by Design, and now Metamorphosis: The Beauty and Design of Butterflies. more...

Secrets of the Ancients

BJ Street -Paso Robles CA

Angelic Identities
Paul Tremblay Barrie -ON, Can.

Ancient Civilization and The Bible
Ray E. Daly -Lincoln, ND

Basque Mysteries
Ben Stoecker -Sacramento, CA