Issue 91 - PDF Download

Issue 91 - PDF Download

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Early Rays

Jeane Manning New Energy Breakthrough from Italy?

Michael Cremo Ancient Copper from Michigan

Cataclysm: Ancient & Not Were the Dinosaurs the Last to See Destruction Rain from the Sky?

The Newport Tower Mystery Who Really Built It and Why?

Whence Went Thomas Aquinas? Did the Medieval Theologian Travel Out of His Body?

The Karmic Challenge Have We Forgotten What We Once Understood?

The Truth About Lightning

Magdalene & the Oranges

Technology & the Hieroglyphs

Giza’s Cosmic Blueprint Andrew Collins on the Cygnus Connection

Nabta Playa’s Astronomers New Research on the Origins of Egypt’s Star Lore

Vindication for Colonel Churchward or Not? Tracking the Secrets of the Temple Tablets


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