Issue 92 - Martial Arts and the Laws of Physics

Issue 92 - Martial Arts and the Laws of Physics

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New Help for the Visually Challenged Reader
From Editor, J. Douglas Kenyon
The challenges facing magazine publishers these days are many and varied. Some have been around since America's first periodical publisher Ben Franklin created Poor Richard's Almanac. How, for instance, can one provide the maximum in high-value content within the available pages, while yet making the print large enough to read without a magnifying glass? As some older readers have pointed out, we may not always have succeeded here. Could this be one of the reasons Franklin invented bifocals?

Unfortunately, the questions involved can be quite daunting and technical, involving fonts, rendering systems, printing methods, etc... and I will not belabor them here, but you can be sure that we think about them a great deal. Hopefully we have put some of these matters behind us. If not, let us hear from you.

One area where we feel we have something new and exciting to offeróone which can make the experience of reading Atlantis Rising better and easier without requiring new spectaclesóis in Epublishing. We have mentioned previously in this space that we are expanding into new methods of delivery for our product. With an Apple iPad, you can now download the free Atlantis Rising App from the Apple App Store (an Android version is also available from Google's app store). The App's viewing system enables you to see our pages just the way they appear in print and to navigate easily throughout the issue. For readers who are visually challenged, this could be a great way to go, as pages can be easily magnified with a simple pinch gesture to whatever size is comfortable and without any loss of sharpness. We currently make one free issue available on the App, and you can easily buy about a dozen more (including the latest) from within the App.

For readers uninterested in our graphic presentation, we also offer text-only versions of Atlantis Rising, in special electronic editions. You can find these in Amazon's Kindle store (several issues are available, including the latest), and by the time you read this we expect them also to be available in Apple's iBookstore. Very soon we plan to be able to offer such E-books on Barnes & Noble's Nook as well as on other mobile devices.

In Atlantis Rising E-books, articles flow straight to their end without any of the Continued-onPage... interruptions found in the printed version. Type can be increased to whatever size you like. There is a special night reading mode that also works very well. From the Table of Contents you can jump directly to any article that interests you.

On the whole, the electronic method of reading has much to recommend itóeven to the most ardent conventional print reader. For those who can't afford an iPad, the cost of a Kindle or several other options has fallen to below a hundred dollars.

For anyone not equipped with one of the new mobile devices but having a desktop or laptop computer, check out the web site and download one of the standard PDFs from our online store. Not only do they look great, but with the aid of any PDF reader, you can easily take advantage of many other features which are part of our PDFs.

For reading business travelers, and others on the go, the ability to access one's entire library in any airport or coffee shop is well worth the cost of whatever electronic reader you may have. Ben Franklin would, we think, have approved.

All this being said, the basic printed version of Atlantis Rising remains hard to beat.

Turin Shroud Is Real, Implies New Study
The Shroud of Turin is "authentic." That, at least, is the latest pronouncement from a group of Italian scientists who have undertaken a series of advanced tests on the purported burial shroud of Jesus. more...

2012 Opening for Pyramid's Secret Doors Anticipated
The questionówhat's behind the Great Pyramid's secret doors?ócould be finally answered in 2012, but, for now at least, the mystery and the controversy remain. While some, like Zahi Hawass, the flamboyant former leader of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, have announced that they expect to find a mummy, others, like engineer Christopher Dunn, expect to find the remains of ancient electrical technology (see "The Pyramid Electric," A.R. #90). After many delays, including those caused by Egypt's political turmoil of 2011, the so-called Djedi project is expected to resume its robotic exploration of the two long and mysterious shafts sloping upward from the southern and northern walls of the Queen's chamber. more...

The Stonehenge Mystery Deepens
It seems that we have finally figured out for sure where the fabled bluestones of Stonehenge actually came from. Robert Ixer and Richard Bevins, British geologists, have used state-of-the-art testing to show the origin of the bluestones to within 70 meters. An outcropping called Craig Rhos-y-Felin close to the town of Pont Saeson in Pembrokeshire in Wales is the spot. That is about 160 miles from Stonehenge. The bluestones weigh about four tons each. Experts are baffled as to exactly how they could have been moved. That they were moved and over a great distance, there can be no doubt. more...

The fabled Ark of the Covenant may be in for public viewing in 2012. That is, if the story told by Ethiopian Christians is true. According to the British newspaper, The Daily Mail, the relic housed in the chapel next to the church of St. Mary of Zion in Aksum, the capitol of Ethiopia, will probably be moved soon, inasmuch as the old building has a leaking roof. Currently, while a new chapel is being built, a tarpaulin covers the old one. more...

Cold Fusion Getting Big Time Scrutiny
With the appear-ance of new reports almost every day, the phenomenon once called 'cold fusion' is slowly beginning to gain a foothold in mainstream scientific research. Recent promising test results in Italy for the E-Cat technology of inventor Andrea Rossi ("Possible New Energy Breakthrough Emerges in Italy," by Jeane Manning, A.R. #91, January/February, 2012) is but the latest in a string of developments that could now turn the Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) from scientific pariah to darling. Already the Naval Research Laboratory in California is on board, as is the American Chemical Society. Now, Rob Duncan, chancellor of Research at the University of Missouri, is openly advocating the establishment of a new national research program to finally solve the 'cold fusion' puzzle. more...

Tracking the News of the Coming Energy Revolution
On the Eve of Destruction or the Threshold of Freedom?
By Jeane Manning

The Long and Short of Yuga Cycles
By Michael Cremo
Sedona, Arizona, is one of my favorite places. Coming there from Phoenix, you cross dry brown plains and hills, and then you suddenly enter into the mysteriously beautiful red rock buttes and canyons of Sedona. I first visited Sedona in the late 1960s, on a journey from the East Coast of the United States to California. I stayed for a couple of days at a small Catholic church. The priest sometimes allowed traveling young people like me to stay a couple of days in exchange for working a few hours in the church gardens. Decades later, on September 30, 2011, I arrived in Sedona to speak at the Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge (CPAK). more...

Bracing for a Carrington Event
Were the Ancient Mayans a Step Ahead of Modern Science?
By Frank Joseph
Eighteen fifty nine was a unique tripleheader for science. In November, Charles Darwin published the bible of evolutionary biology, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life. The previous summer, a less famous Englishman, Joseph Prestwich, for the first time confirmed a geological relationship with manmade objectsóStone Age flint tools found among rock strata at the valley of the Somme, in Franceóthereby correctly dating them to antiquity. Although the birth of evolutionary theory and archaeology were important contributions to western civilization, they pale before modern implications of something that happened just before noon on the first day of September of that immemorial year. more...

Secrets of the Mayans
At One Point in Forgotten Prehistory, Mexico Was the Crossroads of the World
By Steven Sora
With the recent discovery of a second calendar inscription that predicts the end of the world age in Mayan Mexico that culture has come under increased scrutiny. Up until November there had only been one calendar tablet, recovered from Tortuguero (see Frank Joseph's article on page 22) that predicted the end of the fifth age. For this reason scholars have discredited the implication. The new inscription at Camalcalco not only carries the same implication but was written on bricks within a wall, possibly to conceal the message, which can be read as "He will descend from the sky" and which refers to Bolon Yokte a god connected to both war and creation. It corresponds with our "dawning of the Age of Aquarius," so it remains unknown if the year 2012 will be an end to the old as in destruction of the planet, or a positive New Age. more...

Egypt's Animated Statues
Could the Invocations of the Ancient Priests Open Doorways to the Impossible?
By Tony Bushby
The religious and history books of Egypt are filled with allusions to magical operations and ceremonies that are almost impossible to believe today, and one is the claim that initiated temple priests possessed a special knowledge that could make stone statues move and talk. more...

Priest of the Grail
Rennes-le-Château Is Not the Only French Church with Connections to the Mythic Past
By Philip Coppens
In the twentieth century the tiny village of Tréhorenteuc, near the magical Forest of Brocéliande in France, was home to a visionary priest, who used his church as a canvas to paint the stories of King Arthur, the Round Table, and the Holy Grail. Unsurprisingly, he fell foul of the Church's hierarchy, but, nevertheless, left a legacy that can be admired to this day. more...

From Ferocious to Fido
The Under Appreciated Challenges of Breeding Domestic Animals and Plants
By Stephen E. Robbins
Here we are again. We are in NatGeoland in 32,000 BC. We are about to be offered a profound scientific treatment of the origin of the domestic dog in the NatGeo special, And Man Created Dog. Wolves, we are told, had taken to hanging around human camps, picking up food scraps. This is a characteristic, peculiar it seems, to Lupus NatGeocus. An unseen predator approaches the camp and the wolves go on the defense. One is fatally injured, leaving a cub behind, to be adopted by a human. A few frames later and lo, we see a human with, yes, a very dog-looking dog. From this we are to infer that after a thousand years (or so), man has successfully bred the many varieties of man's best friend from the wolf. End of profound scientific explanation. more...

Survival of a Different Kind
The True Story of Journalistic Pioneer, William Thomas Stead
By Michael E. Tymn
Several survivors of the Titanic disaster, 100 years ago April 15, reported seeing William Thomas Stead at various places in the two hours, 40 minutes that elapsed between the time the floating palace on its maiden voyage hit an iceberg and then made its plunge to the bottom of the North Atlantic. All told of a very composed and calm man, one prepared to meet his death with courage and hope. more...

Machines to Talk to the Dead
Thomas A. Edison, W. B. Yeats, and Instrumental Transcommunication
By John Chambers
Emerging from a coma a few days before he died, the great American inventor Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) suddenly opened his eyes and gazed "upward into space, his face illuminated with a smile as he said, 'It is very beautiful over there.'" When he died his clock stopped, as did those of all his top executives. Experiences of telepathy or telekinesis, either occurring spontaneously or evoked by his experiments, hounded the inventor all his life. The rumor mill has speculated for 80 years that he spent thousands of hours working on a machine to communicate with the dead. Did he? And did he succeed? The evidence is piecemeal but tantalizing. more...

Martial Arts and the Laws of Physics
What Is Science to Do When the 'Impossible' Happens?
By William B. Stoecker
Are the incredible feats of some martial artists a challenge to the standard model of physics? Is their brick-breaking, for example, evidence that some of them can control a mysterious primal energy? And martial artists are not alone; throughout history people have done things that would seem impossible for mere flesh and blood. more...

As Above so Below
Echoes of the Universe in the Patterns of the Human Body
By Patrick Marsolek
Our exploration of the universe arises from our singular experience of being in a physical body. Our spirituality, mathematics, physics, medicine, and science are all colored and informed by the capacities of our body. Modern science and medicine have achieved great understanding of our bodies, but in some ways, both are only scratching the surface of the physical body's complexity and its relationships. There are the more intangible qualities of emotion, consciousness, and subtle energies that accompany the human physical experience that mechanistic science has difficulty understanding. more...

The Georgia Guidestone Mystery
Do the Monuments in a Georgia Cow Pasture Bode Well or Ill for the Future of Earth?
By Robert Schoch, Ph.D.
Recently I had the opportunity to visit an enigmatic granite structure that superficially mimics various ancient megalithic constructions. Surrounded by mystery and intrigue, inspiring awe and animosity ever since it was unveiled on March 22, 1980 (two days after the Vernal Equinox), "The Georgia Guidestones" monument (alternatively called "The American Stonehenge") is located among the farms and cow pastures of Elbert County, Georgia. Some praise its beauty and the hope it bodes for the future of humankind. Others see it as a symbol of Satan and his cohorts, an attempt to usher in a vile New World Order. Reinforcing the latter theory, a coven of witches once used the monument as the setting for their rituals and, as I discuss further below, alleged paranormal phenomena have occurred at the site. more...

Journey to Pluto
The Continuing Transformation of the'Ninth' Planet
By Julie Loar
In July 2011, astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope identified a fourth moon orbiting the icy world of Pluto, making the dwarf planet the first object in the Kuiper Belt to have more than one satellite. Temporarily dubbed P4 the tiny moon appeared in a survey searching for rings around Pluto. For now P4 is the smallest of Pluto's moons. Since three of Pluto's four moons have been identified in the last five years, scientists believe it's likely more will be discovered. more...

Christian Origins Get New Look
Previously Unconsidered Evidence Paints a Surprising Picture of Jesus
By Marsha Oaks
The mysteries of Christianity are in for a startling new appraisal in two of our current DVD offerings, while the mysterious purpose of a worldwide pattern of prehistoric construction gets some new scrutiny in another. more... KING JESUS
Ralph Ellis
In this presentation, Ralph Ellis attempts to resolve one of the greatest mysteries and international conspiracies of all timeó-the true origins of Christianity. He presents material from his books on what he claims is the true origins and life of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. On a quest to locate St. Paul (Saul) in the historical record, scholar Ellis found evidence that St. Paul was actually Josephus Flavius, the first century Jewish historian. Their characters both appear, Ellis argues, through their identical families, travels, trials/ tribulations, and writing styles, to have been the same individual. He also uncovers other 'Biblical' identities and offers an alternative, seemingly plausible, timeline for New Testament events. more...
DVD 75 min.

Jonathan Adams
Dan Brown's bestselling book Angels & Demons has become an international success to rival his blockbuster The Da Vinci Code, but it left many wondering what was true and what was false. This video explains the "facts behind the movie." Star Tom Hanks and director Ron Howard weigh in on the struggle between the Catholic Church and its enemies throughout historyóthe Illuminati, the Freemasons, and the Hashashin. Researcher Simon Cox's introduction to his own book about Brown's book Illuminating Angels & Demons covers it best, so I'll borrow from him here. more...
DVD 94 min.

David Hatcher Childress
Once again we have Childress in conference, this time presenting material from his Lost Cities and Anti-Gravity books on the distribution and use of megaliths around the planet. He presents an astonishing array of photos and diagrams offering evidence of a world-wide culture that erected gigantic obelisks and walls of granite and basalt with the purpose, he claims, of creating a planetary grid of megalithic structuresó pyramids, buildings, towers, and obelisksóthat tapped into natural energies and even broadcast power to remote locations around the world in a system similar to that worked out by the great inventor Nikola Tesla in the early twentieth century. more...
DVD 95 min.

Karmic Balancing Acts

Karmic Woes
Phyllis Grau -Olean, NY

Lost Ark
Ray E. Daly -Lincoln, NE

Black Holes
B J Street -Paso Robles, CA

Nailing Darwin
Tom Batorski -Angola NY