Issue 95 - PDF Download

Issue 95 - PDF Download

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Alternative News

Jeane Manning - Tiny Tornadoes of Magnetism

Michael Cremo - The ‘Tooth’ Is Out There

Hominid Hokum - Do We Know What We Think We Know About Our Ancestors?

Subterranean Cappadocia - Mysterious Ancient Underground Cities—Ice Age Shelters?

Soul Stuff - Are Deathbed Mists the Soul Departing?

Jesse James: Secret Agent- Preserving the Confederacy with Bank Robbery and Murder

Plato and the Near Death Experience

Rudolph Steiner and Visible Speech

Norsemen in Minnesota

The Atlantis Connection? - Strange Genetic Links Between North America and the Ancient Middle East

The Great Pyramid’s Missing Capstone - It Was There Once, but What Happened to It?

Lucid Dreams - When the Stuff of Dreams Becomes More than Real


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