Issue 97  - Technologies Of The Gods In The Americas

Issue 97 - Technologies Of The Gods In The Americas

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Ancient High Tech Revisited
From Editor, J. Douglas Kenyon
In the late 1990's Atlantis Rising set out to produce three video documentaries which covered the areas of greatest interest to our chosen audience. The plan was: I would write and narrate the productions, while my partner and frequent Atlantis Rising cover artist Tom Miller, who had a long filmmaking resume, would direct.

Technologies of the Gods which dealt with evidence for advanced ancient technology came first. Later Clash of the Geniuses would get into suppressed technology, and finally The Atlantis Connection—English Sacred Sites would look at evidence for Atlantean influence in Britain. All three shows turned out well and have remained popular ever since. About two years ago we decided to make them available for streaming download on YouTube. Except for a few months when we were renegotiating our contract with the distributor, they have been available continuously since. Technologies of the Gods, alone, has now been watched over 300,000 times. Combined viewings for all three shows currently stands at roughly a half million.

In our somewhat biased opinion these three documentaries remain, even now, among the best on the selected subject matter to be found anywhere.

In Technologies of the Gods we looked at evidence available at the time from around the world. In the years since a great deal more has developed in many locations. Not a few examples have been well covered within the pages of this magazine. In this issue Frank Joseph makes the case for lost advanced technology in the Americas. There are certainly plenty of possibilities to discuss. Frank has picked a few of the most intriguing: massive pre-Columbian copper mining in the North American midwest; astronomical landscape computing in Mississippi; immense stone masonry and metallurgical technology in Peru; and more. All of this, from many centuries ago.

For some, the evidence of highly developed technology from long before the modern age, can only mean that, at some point, there must have been an intervention of extraterrestrial origins. However, though we do not rule out the possibility that ET could have played a role in our development, we suspect that, in most cases, there could be a simpler explanation.

Humanity, it appears, has been on Earth much longer, done much more in more places, than is generally believed. Truly understanding and embracing our potential means rediscovering our lost roots which go much deeper and reach must further than we may have, heretofore, been willing to consider.

The current preoccupation of our culture with the most shallow of human activities, and our reluctance to go deeper, is evidence, we believe, of the real pain which shows up any time we try to get beneath the surface of things.

Researcher Immanuel Velikovsky, a psychiatrist by profession, believed the human race suffers from a case of worldwide amnesia—the consequence, he felt, of immense catastrophic events in our past. Any hope we have for the future is dependent on our ability to awaken from that amnesia and to reconnect with our forgotten greatness.

Did Jesus Have a Wife?
A veritable firestorm still rages in archaeological circles over the so-called Gospel of Jesus Wife, a small fourth century papyrus fragment brought to light by scholars at Harvard's divinity school in September of 2012.more...

Could New Bahamas Discovery Be Atlantis?
Dr. Greg Little and his wife Dr. Lora Little, who, for ten years, have been investigating underwater archaeological features in the Bahamas, in late October announced discovery of a potential new site 30 miles south of Bimini. It sits close to the edge of the Great Bahama Bank in 20 feet of water. The location is named Brown's Ruins after finders Eslie and Krista Brown, Bimini divers who work closely with the Littles.more...

Brain Surgeon Discovers Heaven Exists
Dr. Eben Alexander, a Harvard trained brain surgeon once believed the brain was the seat of consciousness. No longer. The author of a new book, Proof of Heaven, has gone public with a remarkable personal story. The upshot, he concludes, "Consciousness is the most profound mystery in the Universe," and the brain cannot account for it. more...

Your Body Sees the Future, Says Report
You may actually be able to tell the future without consciously knowing it. That is the conclusion of a new study supporting the idea of precognition, which appears in the journal Frontiers in Perception Science from the Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University in Illinois.more...

The next time you hear an argument advanced with the claim that it is validated by a scientific study, remember this: the threat from scientific fraud is on the increase. That's what a new study says, so it must be so.more...

Fuel from Air Said to Be on the Way
Forget about diesel from potato chip grease. A small British company has figured out how to make gasoline directly from the air; and the beauty of it, they say, is the air gets cleaned in the process. The carbon dioxide, at least, is reduced.more...

Has Global Warming Ended?
Global warming is history; that, at least, is the conclusion one might draw from an authoritative report issued in October by Britain's Met Office (once known as the Meteorological Office).more...

Treating Cancer With Magnets
For years any researcher who claimed that he could treat cancer with the use of magnets, was considered to be either a fraud or an idiot. Magnet therapy for cancer was high on the list of things considered quackery by mainstream medicine. Now a group of researchers in South Korea have figured out how to use magnetism to attack cancer. Orthodox science is applauding. Go figure.more...

Tracking the News of the Coming Energy Revolution
The Puzzles of New Energy and Perpetual Motion
By Jeane Manning
Times are indeed changing, or spiraling around to revisit previous themes from a slightly different perspective. The November 2012 issue of Discover Magazine's Big Idea section features a two-page article titled "Bring Back the Cold Fusion Dream."

Discover Magazine is discovering a theory that researchers who've been watching the energy frontier have been hearing about for a few years. The Widom-Larsen theory explains the excess heat from the tabletop experiment dubbed "cold fusion," that Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons announced in 1989. Allan Widom and Lewis Larsen say the heat is neither from cold fusion nor hot fusion; instead it's a different reaction. The magazine reports that their explanation is "reigniting hopes of a clean energy breakthrough."more...

The Forbidden Archaeologist in Finland
By Michael Cremo
Earlier this year, I was thinking about submitting an abstract for a paper I could present at the 2012 meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists in Helsinki, Finland. So I went to the conference website and searched through the list of accepted sessions to see if I could find one that related to my interests. None of them attracted me, until I came upon this session: Public Appropriations of Archaeologists Narratives. As soon as I read the session title, I felt a shock of self recognition. "Yes," I said to myself, "that is exactly what I am doing. I am appropriating archaeologists' narratives." So I submitted a proposal for a paper, which I called "Report From A Person Who Appropriates Archaeologists' Narratives for the Public." It was accepted by the academic review committee.. So I wrote the paper.more...

Physics From Outside The Box
The Standard Model Still Rules but There Are Signs of Change
By William B. Stoecker
The standard model of modern physics is an uneasy blend of relativity theory and quantum mechanics. Relativity theory, developed by Hendrik Lorentz and Henri Poincare and Albert Einstein, supposedly explains gravity and the bending of light near massive bodies, among other things. Quantum mechanics has given us lasers and transistors and also purports to explain a good many things. But no one yet has developed, and then conclusively proven, a theory completely unifying these two pillars of modern physics. Most recently, string theory has attempted to do so, and has then been modified into membrane theory. But neither of these theories can be proven or disproven. And there are many other problems with the standard model. The magnetic fields of planets, stars, neutron stars, and black holes have not been satisfactorily explained, nor the excess heat produced by bodies in space, particularly the gas giant outer planets of our own Solar System. And that's not the only problem.more...

God & the Big Bang
Does a Singularity Prove the Creator Exists?
By Elliot Hughes
As scientifically compelling as the Big Bang theory is, there is a paradox in the notion of our universe expanding from a singularity. "What existed before the Big Bang baffled scientists. By definition, nothing existed prior to the beginning, but that fact creates more questions than answers. For instance, if nothing existed prior to the Big Bang, what caused the singularity to be created in the first place?" (The Origin of the Universe—The Big Bang by John P. Mills PhD). more...

Hitler's Escape
New Evidence from a Pair of Best-Selling Writers
By Toby Scott
On April 27, 1945, Adolf Hitler spoke briefly with one of the soldiers standing guard outside the Führerbunker, the last refuge of the inner circle of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. "Germany," he said, "can hope for the future only if the whole world thinks I am dead." more...

Jung and the Gnostics
Where Did the Great Psychoanalyst Learn His Secrets?
By Patrick Marsolek
Is depth psychology, as it is being practiced today, a modern extension of Gnosticism? Was Carl Jung himself a Gnostic? Analytical psychology, which is based on Jung's understanding of the human psyche, is being used world wide today as a form of self-inquiry and mental healing. The theoretical foundations of analytical psychology closely mirror some of the core principles of Gnosticism. They share an idea that one can have a direct Gnosis or understanding of the nature of the self and spirit outside of belief. If it hadn't been for Carl Jung's recognition of the fundamentals of Gnosticism, we might not care today what they thought. So who were the Gnostics and how do they relate to Jung's exploration of the human mind and modern psychology? more...

Mount Nemrut: Ancient Place of Initiation?
Tracking Its Strange Secrets Can Take Us into the Very Remote Past
By Robert Schoch, Ph.D.
High in the eastern Taurus (southern Anti-Taurus) mountain range of modern Turkey, nestled between the mountains to the north and the Euphrates River to the south, at an elevation of some 7,000 feet, the gods congregate at a place known as Mount Nemrut (Nemrud Dagi). Visit the site today and after trekking up the mountain trail, you will arrive at a huge artificial limestone tumulus some 165 feet tall and nearly 500 feet in diameter erected on the natural summit of the mountain. Major terraces are located at the base of the tumulus on the eastern and western faces where the remains of gigantic limestone statues, originally standing 25 to 32 feet tall, are still to be found. On both terraces are representations that classical archaeologists interpret as the following figures: King Antiochus (born circa 86 BCE; reigned circa 70/69 to 36 BCE), Fortuna Commagene (personification or goddess of good fortune for the kingdom), Zeus-Oromasdes, Apollo-Mithras-Helios, and Heracles/HerculesArtagnes-Ares/Mars. The king, goddess, and gods sat on thrones with their backs to the tumulus, facing to the east and west. They were flanked on either side by statues of eagles and lions. On the eastern terrace was a great altar, with a base that looks like a truncated step pyramid, sometimes referred to as the Pyramidal Fire Altar. Around the perimeters of the terraces were erected pedestals where reliefs, depicting such scenes as the king shaking hands with various gods, as well as ancestors of the king, carved on slabs of green sandstone, were erected. more...

Did the Creater of 2001 Lend His Skills to NASA?
By Steven Sora
It was supposed to be "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" as astronaut Neil Armstrong reached the surface of the moon. Instead, some would have us believe, it may have been a massive fraud on the American public and the world as two men actually, it is alleged, were hopping around in a Nevada desert pretending to be on the moon. And the 'small step,' some conspiracy theorists will tell you, was actually an amateurish Stanley Kubrick production—in contrast to his 'giant leap' into 2001: A Space Odyssey. more...

Veil of Mystery
The Veil of Manoppello Raises Many Questions but Provides Few Answers
By Philip Coppens
In the tiny, hilltop town of Manoppello, just over two hours east of Rome, is one of the most enigmatic relics of Christianity: the Holy Face, or Veil, of Manopello. Even though the veil is in the heartland of Italy, its rising fame is very much a German affair because of the work of a German sister, a German journalist, and a German Pope. The Veil has risen in importance and notoriety with the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI. His visit to Manoppello on September 1, 2006, to see the relic was the first self-selected visit of his papacy, when he also bestowed the title of Minor Basilica upon the church. more...

Was Jesus an Actual King?
A Controversial British Author Says, Yes, and He Can Prove It
By Martin Ruggles
Is it true that the Catholic Church deliberately set out to deceive its followers, while simultaneously mocking their gullibility? Was a gargantuan cover-up actually the work of Saul/Josephus, the quicksilver-quilled historian who wrote most of the secular and the spiritual accounts of first century Judaea? Those are among the questions said to be answered in a new e-book from controversial British author Ralph Ellis. Jesus, King of Edessa will certainly challenge many readers, not simply because of the sometimes complex evidence explored, but also because it attempts to overturn just about all orthodox notions about the New Testament and the history offered therein. more...

Earth Energy and the Ancients
Uncovering the Lost Secrets of Our Ancestors
By Thomas Dietrich
The earth is wrapped in a network of energy lines recognized and marked by ancient cultures in the Americas, Australia, Asia, and Africa. These include the St. Michael-Apollo energy line which runs from Ireland to England, through France, Italy, Greece, and on to Mount Carmel in the Holy Land. In China these energy paths were studied under the science of Feng-shui which sought to correct and equalize the flow of earth energy through the landscape in a most balanced and beneficial way. It is imperative, believed the ancients, that nothing should block or hinder this flow which also responded to the winged dragons which controlled the cosmic flow of energy from the heavens. "Dark places" which inhibit the flow of energy, it is said, produce melancholy and other psychological anguish. more...


Jupiter in Gemini June 2012 June 2013
The King of the Gods Pays a Visit to the Heavenly Twins
By Julie Loar
Gemini, the Twins, was one of the 48 constellations described by second century astronomer Ptolemy and remains one of the 88 constellations agreed upon by astronomers internationally since 1930. The name is Latin for "twins" and corresponds in myth to the famous Greek twins Castor and Pollux. Those are also the names of the two brightest stars in Gemini. Although Castor is designated as alpha, it is actually the second brightest. Pollux, the beta star, is a giant orange star and is the brightest. In earlier Babylonian astronomy these two stars were known as the Great Twins and were regarded as gods. more...

The Chauvet Revelations
Spotlighting the Astounding Creations of Artisans from 30,000 Years Ago
By Marsha Oaks
Learning the secrets of the past can be a tedious and time-consuming business, but occasion- ally there is a breakthrough and the process begins to move at lightning speed. That might be the result in some of the discoveries mentioned below. more... CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS
Werner Herzog
This documentary by Werner Herzog (a well-known, German film director, producer, screenwriter, actor, and opera director) takes you directly into the Chauvet Cave in France. The cave is one of the most famous prehistoric rock art sites in the world. Located in the Ardeche region of southern France, along the bank of the river Ardeche near the Pont-d'Arc, it was only discovered in 1994 when happened upon by a small team of cavers (speleologists). Its importance is based on two factors: the aesthetic quality of the paintings; and their great age. With one exception, all of the cave art paintings have been dated between thirty and thirty three thousand years ago.
DVD 90 min.

Soaring Stones
History Channel
This documentary from the HIstory Channel details a possible link between kites and the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. Kites--really?! Should we give this DVD the time of day? When people think about the building of the Egyptian pyramids, many probably still have a mental image of thousands of slaves laboriously rolling massive stone blocks into place with logs and levers, so the History Channel chose to present this alternative theory offered by a "newbie" to the world of Egyptology— Maureen Clemmons. more...
DVD 47 min.

The Man Behind Sherlock Holmes
Reality Entertainment
The enigmatic Sherlock Holmes is, without doubt, the most famous detective in print and on film. He has been with us for generations and is constantly remade and retold. He became more widely known than his author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and thousands even believe he actually existed as a real man and lived in Baker Street, London. But there is another character in the stories that is often neglected and misunderstood, Dr. Watson. more...


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