Aliens in Ancient Egypt Book

Aliens in Ancient Egypt Book

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There was an epoch in Egyptian history when the arts, agriculture, astronomy, and science (including an understanding of quantum physics) flourished. But overnight, it was destroyed and erased from the historical record. This was the reign of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, an era rife with alien influence, reincarnated starseeds, and an advanced understanding of astronomy and mathematics. The sheer volume of disinformation and controversy attached to Pharaoh Akhenaten is overwhelming.

Aliens in Ancient Egypt unravels a deeper story of the corrupt influences of religious zealots who were plunging Egypt into darkness. Our modern world rose from the ashes of the aftermath and, despite our conviction that we are advanced, we are still striving to reach the creative and spiritual heights of the Amarna Period.

In this fascinating work, the authors ask (and answer): Were Akhenaten and Nefertiti the last pharaohs to master this sacred knowledge?

Could this information have been handed down by an advanced space race during previous golden ages, in a time so distant that it can only be relegated to mythology? Why was their reign so threatening?

Who stood to gain by destroying them and attempting to erase their names from history?

304 pages