CORAL CASTLE: Everything You Know Is Wrong Book

CORAL CASTLE: Everything You Know Is Wrong Book

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By Praveen Mohan

A standard description of Coral Castle goes like this: Coral Castle is a love monument built by an eccentric man named Edward Leedskalnin. The Castle is a giant dollhouse built for Ed's sweet-sixteen and his imaginary children. Ed built stone models of household objects like couches, bathtub, cooker, etc., to be used by his fictional family. He also created strange, meaningless carvings, like the moon fountain and obelisk, to impress his lost love.

Experts have shown that there is nothing mysterious about the castle or how it was constructed, just one man's persistent work. In this book, you will see that all of the above statements are false. This book was not written to show HOW Coral Castle was built, but WHY Coral Castle was built, and provides answers to the many questions brought forth over the years.

6X9 P/B, 104 pp.,color photos throughout